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Norvell Arena NSAC All-In-One Spraytan Package

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$4,199.00 - $4,218.95
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The Norvell Arena All-in-One Spray System features a professional spray booth and all the consumables a high-volume tanning salon needs.

Norvell has taken the Overspray Reduction Booth and combined it with the Mobile Arena's HVLP technology to create a unique all-in-one spray tanning system.

The Mobile Arena's turbine system can be easily access and quick removed for mobile tanning providers.


• Variable speed turbine
• Professional design
• Wheels for added mobility
• 4 Overspray extraction fans
• Continual turbine heated airflow
• Easy to clean, wash and reuse filters
• Quick disconnect hose connections
• Overhead studio lighting reduces shadows during session
• Includes a pressurized HVLP Z-Gun for a flawless spray and easy control

Technical Specifications

• Compatible Guns: Z-Gun and M-Gun
• Weight: 245 lbs uncrated
• Dimensions: 55" wide, 39" deep, 79" high (81" high with wheels). Crated dimensions: 47" x 51" x 91". Weight: 285 lbs crated including all products.
• 12v bi-pin halogen lighting
• Decibel level during operation: 75 db
• Warranty on booth: 1 year
• Warranty on Z3000 Turbine: 3 years

With Norvell's newly updated package contents

• Norvell Arena OverSpray Extraction Booth with Full Color Panels
• Removable Norvell Mobile Z3000 HVLP Turbine
• Norvell Z-Gun HVLP Spray Gun with 250 mL Graduated Cup
• 0.5 oz HVLP gun lubricant
• 10 foot quick disconnect hose
• Free bonus: M Series HVLP Spray Gun (MGUN)
• Solution storage cup with cap
• Slip resistant floor mat
• Professional Product Kit, 8 items:

Premium DARK Sunless Solution, 34 oz
Premium TRAINING Solution, 34 oz
Venetian Sunless Solution, 8 oz
Rapid ONE Sunless Solution, 8 oz
Legend PLUS Sunless Solution, 8 oz
Pre Sunless xLaTan pH Balancing Spray, 8 oz
Post Sunless Moisturizing HydroFirm, 8 oz
FDA Room Recommendation Sign, 8.5"x11"

• Sunless Safety System, 5 items:

Norvell EyeShields, 50 Pair Pack
Norvell Breathe-Through Nose Filters (25 Pair Pack/Individually Wrapped)
Technician Mask, Box of 50
Mini LipInvest SPF 15, Bowl of 50
Technician Safety Glasses
3 FDA Room Recommendation Signs, 8.5"x11"

• 63 Sunless Retail Kits
• 24 Norvell Sunless Promo Packs
• Complimentary Norvell University Level 1 Training+Certification Course
• Arena Pro Operation Manual
• Norvell brand indoor/outdoor banner

Made in America

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Where does the exhaust go?
A1: After being practically totally filtered with high quality carbon filters, the exhaust air exits from behind the unit.

Q2: Does the Arena break down into panels or separate pieces?
A2: The Arena does not break down into pieces or panels. It even ships in a crate completely assembled, except for the wheels at the bottom which are attached on site.