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Norvell PODIUM Sunless Spray Tan Booth, Pro Overspray Extraction

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The Norvell Podium Booth extracts spray tan overspray in a professional appearance enclosure.

Natural outdoor light with Norvell Podium tanning overspray extraction booth

Podium uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology with the latest spray tan technology. For professional salons it's the the best investment to create a dedicated spray tan area.

The Intelligent Air-Smart Switch promotes the perfect air flow to consistently provide a professional tan.

Innovative Features

  • Cyclone Center Technology: Head to foot full strength overspray extraction. An aerodynamic curved chamber funnels the overspray into a cyclonic eye for even tan, every time
  • Natural Light Replication so you can see the most accurate and true color in all directions, 360 degrees. Natural sunlight color temperature is 5780 Kelvin. Podium's LED lights are also 5780 Kelvin.
  • Design features based on spray-tan technician feedback: One single switch control, ergonomic stance, easy clean filter system that just slides in and out.
  • Ergonomic design so the technician and customer can easily move and work.
  • Small Salon Footprint: Most machines and tents take up a lot of space. Instead, the Podium Booth takes up less space without sacrificing effectiveness.
  • Flat pack easy setup: In less than 20 minutes, two people can assemble the Podium.
  • Convenient, cost-saving cleaning with washable, re-usable filters
  • Universal compatibility: Works with any model/brand of spray gun or airbrush


Inside Dimensions: 77" (1960mm) H x 38" (970mm) W x 30" (770mm) D
External Dimensions: 82" (2090mm) H x 41" (1040mm) W x 40" (1120mm) D
Weight: 125lbs (57kg)
Cup Capacity: 4.2 fl oz (125mL)
Airflow of Extraction (m3/h): 2700 RPM
Air Velocity: 2080m3 per hour
Noise: 50 to 70 db
Warranty: 6 months


• 1 x Tan.Fresh Air Booth Extraction
• 2 x Tan.Fresh Air Filters
• 1 x Power Cord
• 1 x Connecting Cord Set

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Do I need to add ventilation pipes to the outside of the building?
A: No. The exhaust air is filtered with top-quality carbon filters as the air exits the outside of the booth.

Podium electrical safety certification by ETL Intertek