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Norvell Pro-blend DHA BARRIER-Blending Cream

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Norvell Self Tanning Mousse

Keep color where you intend to have it. This high quality, intense moisturizer allows for the ideal color blend around areas that have a tendency to over-tan.

Block DHA absorption in areas that tend to over-tan: Cuticles, knees, elbows, hands, feet, and other dry-skin areas no longer have to look unnatural with PROBLEND DHA Barrier Cream. Also available in the convenient wall-mounted version.

Enjoy Norvell's exclusive natural color complex formula.

Natural enzymes repair dehydrated skin
Time release micro capsules keep moisture within the skin
• Gluten free • Paraben free • 100% vegan

Available Sizes

34 fl oz. (1 liter bottle), item no. PBB034
Wall Dispenser plus one 33.8 fl oz. Dispenser Refill Bottle, item no. PBBDWC1
33.8 fl oz. Dispenser Refill Bottle, item no. PBBC40

Made in America

Fragrance: Unscented

Product Category: Back-bar support products

Suggested Usage: Apply generously to palms, foot soles, hand and feet cuticles, knuckles and between fingers and toes. Blend smoothly from those areas into the surrounding skin for an even color transition.