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Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair

by Osaki
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Executive S-Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair with Optimized Heating

Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair

Osaki recently upgraded the OS-6000 and introduced the OS-7200H, now with heat therapy and a built-in rolling S-track. Its roller heads produce a more consistent pressure massage throughout your back. Massage chairs have been traditionally designed with a linear vertical motion. This prevents even pressure in the upper and lower back.

Unlike most chairs, the OS-7200H has an automatic, computer leg scan and the ability to stretch out for taller users.

It even has a 2.5 mm connector for MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, or any smartphone headset jack, so you can listen to your choice of music or relaxation sounds.


• Heating function at the shoulders
• Includes 13 motors and 4 rollers
• Pelvis and waist swaying massage
• Torso area reclines to 170 degree. The legrest reclines to 90 degrees.
• Thai style body stretching massage with heating on the upper body
• Automatically detects the curve of the user's body and makes small adjustments
• Automatic massage for the upper body (shoulders, neck, back and lumbar)
• Automatic massage for the lower body (buttocks, thighs, calves and feet)
• Designed with nine auto-programs
• Controlled by a microcomputer for a most intelligent massage experience
• Two speakers in the backrest sync with your music and provides a vibration massage along the pace of the music.
• Designed with a set of intelligent, movable S-track massage rollers, with special focus on the shoulders, neck and lumbar areas according to your body curve
• Outer shoulder massage: Air bags on the outer shoulders compress and apply an inward squeezing pressure
• Auto-timer can be programmed for 5 to 30 minutes of usage. The 30 minute max is a safety measure that prevents the massager giving you sore muscles from running for too long in case you fall asleep.

Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-7200H
is designed with 3D technology and a set of S-tracks so the rollers can focus on the shoulders, neck and lumbar areas, following the curves of your body.

Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair

Zero Gravity means you feel like you are floating

Multi-stage, zero gravity position minimizes vertical pressure along the axis of your spine.

Osaki OS-7200H Massage ChairQuad Roller Head Massage System

Twin rollers mimic the feel of human fingers and thumbs to enhance the massage experience.


Osaki OS-7200H Massage ChairState-of-the-art air bag massagers

Fifty-one accurately placed air bags massage vital areas like the neck, shoulders, arms, palms, back, seat, feet, calves and the lumbar area for extra support and comfort.
Osaki OS-7200H Massage ChairBlue ambient LED lighting on the side panels create a therapeutic chromotherapy environment in a darkened room. Osaki OS-7200H Massage ChairHip and pelvis massage

Two sets of air bags on the sides of the seat provide hip compression. Air inflates, squeezing inwards to massage the hips and thighs. The seat base measures 17 inches.
Osaki OS-7200H Massage ChairHandheld remote control with 9 auto programs and a bright LED display

Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair

Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair

Foot and calf massager

Automatically scans the full length of each leg and makes individualized adjustments to your body, directing the air bag massagers to concentrate on the correct areas.
Osaki OS-7200H Massage ChairPillow Neck Squeeze Massage

Two air bags on the pillow that inflate to squeeze the back of the neck. This feature will soothe and loosen neck tension, complimenting the roller massage.

Osaki OS-7200H Massage ChairConvenient music player, smartphone, iPod and mp3 compartment

Its available behind the remote control panel. Play your favorite songs from your gadget directly into the chair. High quality, compact speakers mounted in the shoulder massagers direct the sounds of your choice to your ears.


Osaki OS-7200H Massage ChairOsaki OS-7200H Massage Chair

Osaki Massage Chairs


3000 4000 7200H
Arm Massage

Auto Recline
Automatic Leg Extension

Back Heat

Body Scan
Chromotherapy Lights

Foot & Calve Massage
Head Air Massage

Hip Massage

Leg Extension
LED Remote Control

Leg Stretch Function

MP3 Player Connection

Neck Air Massage

Number of Rollers
Outer Shoulder Massage

Pre-Set Programs
Seat Air Massage

Seat Vibration Massage

Strength Range
Mid to Strong
Mid to Strong
Mid to Strong
Mid to Strong
Deep Tissue
Strong to Deep
Mid to Strong
Deep Tissue
Wireless Remote

Zero Gravity

3D Massage

Vibration Massage

Spacer Saver Technology

Foot Massager