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PlayLimit Children's TV & Video Game Timer-Limiter

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PlayLimit Children's TV & Video Game Timer/LimiterPlayLimit is a simple tool for setting limits on how much time your kids spend watching TV and playing video games.

Great for Parents! Excellent reward tool, less need to monitor use, fewer arguments.

Great for Kids! Learn to budget time, reduce TV use, share time with siblings & friends.


Limits how much time children watch television and/or play video games.
Provides a way to share time on television and/or games.
Provides a renewable reward which can be used to encourage good behavior.
Lets parents control how long your kids play games and TV.

Purpose of PlayLimit:

PlayLimit provides parents with a convenient and simple way to limit the time their kids spend in front of the TV. Many studies show that too much TV is harmful for children. Even educational programs and video games, if not restricted, may reduce children's ability to learn and think for themselves.

How does PlayLimit help? Simple. By giving your children tokens for a particular time period, you can set a precise limit on how much TV your children can watch. Furthermore, the tokens will empower your kids to manage time on their own, so you no longer have to act as the "time's up!" police.

When your children understand their TV limits, you can encourage them to engage in other activities such as sports, reading and drawing, to fill the void. And that's exactly the purpose of PlayLimit: to become a positive experience for both you and your children.

How it Works


PlayLimit Children's TV & Video Game Timer/Limiter

Begin PlayLimit Operation

PlayLimit Children's TV & Video Game Timer/Limiter

Switch on your TV and game console. The PlayLimit doesn't come with an "On/Off" switch. It's ready to operate all the time.

Put Token in Token Slot

PlayLimit Children's TV & Video Game Timer/Limiter

Every token adds 15 minutes worth of play time. The built-in Time Display shows how much play time remains. The timer starts immediately after putting the first token in.

If needed, press Pause

PlayLimit Children's TV & Video Game Timer/Limiter

PlayLimit shows "PAUSE" on the TV and the timer pauses. The Time Display flashes how much time is remaining. Pressing the Pause button begins play again.

When time is about to run out...

PlayLimit Children's TV & Video Game Timer/Limiter

PlayLimit makes the TV beep when the remaining game time is at 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and again at 1 minute. When less than 1 minute remains, the countdown continues in seconds.

When time is up...

PlayLimit Children's TV & Video Game Timer/Limiter

After time runs out, "OUT OF TIME" is displayed on the TV and the Time Display shows zeros. To begin playing again, just insert more tokens


Simple token-activated operation. PlayLimit includes 40 tokens. Each gives 15 minutes of TV viewing or game playing time.
Ability to control TV viewing and video games. The PlayLimit unit includes the necessary cables for connecting to a game console, a DVD/VCR player, or cable TV source.
Audible warnings and on-screen display for time expiration. The big Time Display on the PlayLimit unit gives a warning when play time is almost running out, so your kids can add more tokens or save their game. The TV beeps at intervals and a countdown timer appears on the TV screen.
Pause button allows for breaks without losing time. Your kids can press the Pause button any time so they can leave their game without getting penalized.
Secure case with secure access for parents. You have a key to the token box from which tokens can be retrieved. The token box also secures the back panel of the unit, which prevents your kids from removing the cables.
Additional secure mode access for parents. The token box also contains switches that you can set to prevent all play or allow unlimited play.

Made in AmericaFrequently Asked Questions

What is the PlayLimit's target age group?

Ages 4 to 12, although works PlayLimit for teenage kids as well.

Can PlayLimit filter programming?

PlayLimit can only block video content when the time you set is complete. Audio content, improper or not, is not filtered or blocked.

Will PlayLimit work with other kinds of coins?

PlayLimit was designed to work only with the tokens that come with the package. Other coins may become jammed inside or slide through without registering time.

How can PlayLimit benefit my children?

Children become more mature when they learn limits. The PlayLimit is a tool that parents like you can use to set limits, and in doing so, aid children in understanding the value of spending time wisely.

Can PlayLimit block Internet connections?

The unit has no network input, so it doesn't have special controls for Internet games.

What's stopping kids from plugging their game console directly into the TV?

Video game consoles have special cables that have a unique connector on one end that connects to the game console, and another end with yellow, red and white composite connectors. The end with the composite connector is locked in the PlayLimit unit.

Does PlayLimit have HDTV (High Definition Television) output or work with HDMI?

Not yet. Please message us to request an update when it becomes available.