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Quicksnippers Portable 6-in-1 Art-Design Scissors

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Quicksnippers Portable 6-in-1 Art/Design Scissors

Quicksnippers Portable 6-in-1 Art/Design ScissorsQuick Snippers is a new, innovative product that combines six popular design scissors into a single tool for the artist on the go. Offering ease, convenience, portability, organization and storage, Quick Snippers is a valuable tool in all craft kits. Plus, it's easy and fun to use.

The thumb-press mechanism makes it easy to maneuver through different kinds of materials such as cardstock, vellum, duct tape, sheet metal, shrinkable plastic, and more. You know how hard it is to cut through some of those materials with regular scissors, heavy duty scissors, or other types of cutters.

Here are the design cuts that Quick Snippers makes quick work of: Victorian, zigzag, lightning Bolt, scallop, cork screw, and just plain straight cut.

Make creative cutting combinations rapidly at the tips of your fingers...or, to be more accurate, thumbs! Quick Snippers allows all stylists, scrapbookers, card makers, crafters and designers to take art-making to the next level.


• Great for scrapbooking, card making, paper crafting, arts and crafts
• Six design scissors in a single candy bar sized tool (5" x 1.5" x 1")
• Convenient, portable, organized and easy to store
• Ergonomic thumb-press mechanism for left and right handed users
• Great for traveling artists
• Makes an excellent gift