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Rinnai-Ubbink STDKITVA-A 223181, -A21 223182 Indoor Venting Sideways

by Rinnai
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On this page you can buy the 11.5"/12" or the 21" kit. It includes 90 degree elbow, pipe, and termination. Please note that Rinnai part 223183 is only the 11.5" pipe and termination without the elbow. Rinnai part 223184 is only the 21" pipe and termination without the elbow.

The unique concentric venting system by Rinnai and Ubbink provides ease of installation as well as maximum performance and safety.

This vent is concentric which means that it has a pipe within a pipe. You only need to drill a single hole through the wall to install this vent. Fresh air comes into the heater through the outside pipe while used air is exhausted through the inside pipe. It lets you install an indoor Rinnai heater virtually anywhere in your home.

Aluminum Inner Vent for Exhaust

• Lightweight
• No weld lines
• Not affected by scratches
• Dent and crease resistant
• Seamless extruded material
• Stable, thick-walled material
• Easier to cut than stainless steel
• Thick-walled, casted elbows and adapters
• Seal rings with a maximum temperature of 400°F (200°C)

• Wall Hole Size: 5.5"
• Maximum Wall Thickness: 10.875"
• Depth: 4.875"

Plastic Outer Vent for Intake

• Corrosion-proof
• White semi-gloss finish
• Non-flammable, polypropylene material
• Impact and dent resistant
• Casted elbows and adapters
• Seamless extruded materials
• Easier to cut than stainless steel


• STDKITVA-A Length: 12". Rinnai part no. 223181
• STDKITVA-A21 Length: 21". Rinnai part no. 223182
• Easy assembly
• GSA approved
• Zero clearance to combustibles
• Professional installation recommended
• Single penetration through wall for both exhaust and intake
• Includes
→ (1) 12" Horizontal Termination Pipe
→ (1) 90 Degree Elbow
→ Rubber Wall Plate


• Fits Rinnai Luxury and Value series (non-condensing heater type) models including RL94i, RL75i, RLX94i, V75i, V65i
• Not compatible with Ultra series (condensing heater type) including RUR, RUC, RU
• Rinnai part no. 223182 replaced the discontinued 223168.

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