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Scrubblade Platinum: Windshield-cleaning wiper blades

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Clean insects from your windshieldThe best is now even better. New design has tougher parts, fits practically every vehicle, and nanotechnology for the cleanest windows ever.


• Superior scrubbing system removes road debris and rain simultaneously, providing optimum all-weather visibility.
• Nano-coating ensures smooth, quiet, chatter free wipes and better blade longevity.
• Thicker hinges provide the best resistance to cracking and splitting.
• Platinum frame for superior performance during snow and ice build-up.
• Includes adapters that fit over 99% of all vehicles.

Do you have a truck or vehicle with the wiper arm type called I&L or another wiper arm that the original Scrubblade does not have the right adapters for? If so, the new Platinum Scrubblade is for you. It comes with four adapters that fit over 99% of all new and recent model vehicles.

Here is an example of the type of arm that the Platinum works with.

Scrubblade Bug-cleaning Windshield Wiper Blades Scrubblade Bug-cleaning Windshield Wiper Blades
Scrubblade Bug-cleaning Windshield Wiper Blades
Scrubblade Bug-cleaning Windshield Wiper Blades

Why Scrubblade?

Scrubblade Bug-cleaning Windshield Wiper Blades

This photo was taken by one of our customers after a 1,500 mile road trip. As you can see, the windshield was covered with bugs, dirt and oily road residue. The SCRUBBLADE was used on the driver side and a standard factory wiper blade on the passenger side. Here is what the customer included along with the photo:

"Our trip took us through many different types of bug-filled environments and climate changes. The Scrublade not only provided us with perfect water removal, but also efficiently scrubbed away some pretty nasty bug and road residue.With a crystal-clear windshield, we could focus safely on the road ahead of us. And, we didn't hafta stop to clean our windshield at a gas station, like everyone else with regular wipers. The Scrublade worked perfectly."

No. 1 at Independent Laboratory Tests

Scurbblade clean windshield blades

• Bisagras más gruesas dán mayor resistencia a roturas
• Recubrimiento nanotecnológico para un movimiento suave y sin ruidos para larga duración
• Incluye adaptadores que sirven al 99% de todos los vehículos
• Marco Platino para funcionamiento superior en el hielo y nieve
• Sistema superior de tallado remueve la lluvia, insectos y todo tipo de escombros en la carretera para proporcionar una óptima visibilidad durante todo el tiempo.

• La plus grande épaisseur des pentures, augmente la résistance aux craquelures et fissures
• Le nano-revêtement réduit les bruits de frottement, de grinsement, garantit un confort silencieux et augmente la longétivité du balai
• Comprend ADAPTATEURS universels qui convient à 99% des véhicules
• Une structure de platinium pour une performance accrue en cas de fortes chutes de neige ou de verglas
• Système d'essuyage de pointe, évacue simultanément pluie etdébris de la route, pour offrir une visibilité optimale quelques soient les conditions climatiques