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Selkirk Saf-T Vent Seal 6" 90° Screened Elbow Termination

Original price $150.95 - Original price $155.90
Original price
$150.95 - $155.90
Current price $150.95


6" 90° Screened Elbow Termination, Double Wall Stainless Steel

Use this Elbow Termination with Screen on horizontal or vertical systems, as specified or allowed by the appliance manufacturer. 45° elbow termination is available in 3" and 4" diameters.

The Selkirk Heatfab Saf-T Vent Seal is completely manufactured from AL 29-4C superferritic stainless steel. Advanced resistance-welded fittings and laser butt seam welds leave the inside walls smooth to minimize resistance and friction, and prevent the build up of combustion by-products. The Saf-T Vent Seal is UL 1738/ULC S636 listed and meets all code requirements for positive pressure gas vent and condensing systems.

The Saf-T Vent Seal makes installation faster. Since curing is not required, the vent is usable as soon as installation is complete.

The Saf-T Vent system is the leading commercial double-wall gas vent for condensing heaters.


• Reliable performance.
• Engineered for fast, secure installation.
• Built in seal makes the unit easy to install.
• Manufactured using AL429-4C Stainless Steel.