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Shoulder Dolly Accessory Hooks for Carrying Heavy Equipment

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These Accessory Hooks work in conjunction with the Shoulder Dolly for the safe, easy, and more efficient lifiting of objects that have handles or are irregularly shaped. The pack comes with two pieces of 6' x 5" polypropylene webbing, each with a 2" metal hook attached on one end.

How to use

1. Feed the flat end of one webbing into the harness of one of the movers.
2. Repeat step 1 using the other webbing and the harness of the second mover.
3. Place the metal hooks under the handle of the object you are lifting.
4. Adjust the webbing to accomodate the object's size.

With leg strength and proper tensioning, movers can easily lift and carry oddly shaped items. The Accessory Hook is perfect for lifting welding gas canisters, landscaping items such as bushes and trees, shop equipment, compressors, and a multitude of other heavy, unwieldy, and bulky items.