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SKORRPI: Soccer training aid, Coaching tool

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SKORRPI is an easy to use soccer training tool to help kids improve their kicking, passing, shooting and scoring skills.

Use SKORRPI to...
A) Correctly position the 'plant' foot,
B) Improve accurate striking with both feet
C) Improve free kicks, corner kicks and penalty kicks
D) Learn and practice throw-ins

Soccer coaches use SKORRPI to train their teams, boys and girls alike, indoors or on grass fields. Great for kids, coaches and parents.

SKORRPI: Soccer training aid, Coaching tool

Made in AmericaBenefits and Usage

Shoot, Kick and Pass like the Pros.

••• Great for kids of all ages, sizes and skill levels
••• Easy teaching device for players, coaches and parents
••• Inexpensive, durable, lightweight
••• Hands-free coaching: a terrific visual teaching aid
••• Right & left foot practicing; reinforces "muscle memory"
••• Throw-ins...perfect for step, drag and throw


Use is simple:

1. Place SKORRPI on the ground with the oversized arrow aimed at the goal, wall, or teammate.
2. Position ball in 'holder' by ball size (3, 4, or 5) and/or player's stance and comfort level.
3. Position plant foot in the cutout area with toes pointed towards the SKORRPI arrow.
4. Player strikes ball from either a stationary position or by running up to SKORRPI.
5. Also great for practicing correct throw-in technique.

SKORRPI: Soccer training aid, Coaching tool

Endorsements and Testimonials

1. We (Minnesota Thunder) use SKORRPI in our Youth Dev program.
-R. Granryd, Exec Dir. 2. "Yellow SKORRPIs are great...easy to see."
- soccer kid, Illinois

3. "My daughter loves her SKORRPI."
- NSCAA Marketing Exec

4. "Using SKORRPI as a fundraiser..."

SKORRPI: Soccer training aid, Coaching tool

5. "This is exactly what I try to teach my kids to do with the 10 foot positioning (1 & zero). Now I have a visual tool (SKORRPI) that makes it easy."
- Coach Vladimir, E. Windsor PAL Rec

6. "Thanks for the SKORRPIs. We're using them in PE class."
- Weathersfield Middle School, Ascutney VT

7. "Our organization uses SKORRPI as a fundraiser. It's great, kids improve skills & association makes money...good job."
- Will, League Admin, Ontario, Canada

8. "Check out SKORRPI on Arundel Attack site"
- Coach Ray