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Soccer Ball & Trophy Cup Sparkler & Candles

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$14.95 - $39.95
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Make this birthday or soccer event celebration the most special one ever.
Buy one for every winning game.
Light up our Amazing Soccer Ball & Trophy Cup & Candles, and light up your party.

Soccer Ball & Trophy Cup Sparkler & CandlesAfter you light the center of the gold trophy cup, a larger candle flame will light and burn. And automatically, it begins to rotate around and open up to reveal eight lit, burning candles. Surprise! The trophy cup opens up to reveal a soccer ball. As this amazing candle continues to spin, it plays "Happy Birthday To You!" (You can easily disable the sound.)

Add excitement to your celebration with our Soccer Ball & Trophy Cup Sparkler & Candles. This is a truly unique party decoration. Buy a few and see the joy it brings to every person at the party, every time.

• A spectacular dancing flame rises up from the center
• Automatically lights the surrounding eight candles
• Automatically plays the "Happy Birthday to You" melody. (You can disable it for other party types such as soccer game parties and awards dinners.)
• Automatically turns like a carousel
• Sides of the trophy catch the running wax to keep your cake wax-free
• Dimensions: Approximately 6" in diameter, 4" tall.

Choose either a single Soccer Ball & Trophy Cup Sparkler & Candle for $9.95 or the 3-pack for $19.95.

You can disable the Happy Birthday music to use it for other celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I prevent the "Happy Birthday" music from playing?
A: YES. Just cut the wire sticking out of the top. The candles will still light and rotate perfectly.

Q: Is the Soccer Ball & Trophy Cup Sparkler & Candles safe?
A: YES. Always follow the instructions. Use only under adult supervision.

Q: Is it re-usable? Can I close it back up, re-light it and have it open and flame up again?
A: No, it is for one-time use only.

Q: What is it made out of?
A: It is made of pure, virgin (not recycled) plastic with natural resins, FDA approved for contact with food.

Q: Is there any lead in it?
A: NO.

Q: Where is the Soccer Ball & Trophy Sparkling Candle made?
A: China.

Q: Must I use it on a cake?
A: No, you can use the Soccer Ball & Trophy Cup Sparkler & Candles on any flat surface like a plate or a table.

Q: Are there any restrictions that would delay or prevent it from shipping internationally?
A: No. Please refer to the official USPS regulations.