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SolaDyne Crank+Solar Radio & LED Flashlight

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NEW. SolaDyne AM/FM Solar & Hand-Crank Radio/LED Flashlight

The SolaDyne AM/FM Radio & LED Flashlight is a completely reliable light source and radio that does not require you to replace the batteries all the time. It gets its power from solar energy and dynamo technology. Simply leave it in the sun during the day to provide hours of use at night. The high-powered solar panel is strong enough to recharge the batteries and operate the radio at the same time. If it is a cloudy day, the dynamo system is there for immediate charging --just wind it up.

The unit also features a telescoping antenna, cell phone charger, headphone port, and can be charged using an AC/DC adapter for a full battery charge (headphones and adapter not included).

This is a truly eco-friendly product that generates power through solar energy or the dynamo hand crank. You will never have to replace batteries or bulbs. This saves you money and saves our landfills.


• Superior quality AM and FM radio
• Super bright 3-LED flashlight
• Cell phone charger - universal Nokia adapter included, and serves as a universal connector to attach to other cell phone adapters available through electronic and mobile phone stores (not included).
• 1" x 2.6" solar panel provides up to 5-3/4 hours of radio and 5 hours of light with 8-10 hours of sunlight.
• Dynamo hand crank charging provides up to 20 minutes of radio, 30 minutes of light, and 3 minutes of cell phone talk time with 1-minute winding
• AC/DC input (AC/DC adapter sold separately) provides 5-3/4 hours of radio and 5 hours of light
• Headphone input (headphones not included)
• Rechargeable Ni-MH battery
• Complies with FCC and CE requirements

Click here for the data sheet.

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