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SolaDyne PowerPro 4 Power Source Flashlight

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This amazing flashlight generates power in four ways. A truly versatile product, the SolaDyne PowerPro Flashlight will work when you need it, even if no batteries or electricity are available. It is the perfect tool for service and emergency personnel, and during recreational activities. It is essential for emergency preparedness kits.


• Changes from a 3 LED flashlight into a lantern when you pull up the lens
• Includes an AM/FM radio and a weather band radio to keep you informed during power outages, storms, and other emergencies
• Features an attention-getting siren and emergency flashing beacon

Power Duration:

• When fully charged (AC/DC or Solar) = 6 hours of light and radio
• 3 minutes winding = 30 minutes of light and radio
• 3-C Batteries = 20 hours light and radio

Click here for the data sheet.

Click here for a copy of the operating instructions.


• Color: Yellow
• Power Source: Wind-Up Dynamo (not included), Solar Cells (not included), 3-C Batteries (not included), or AC/DC Charger (included)
• Internal Rechargeable Battery: 3.6V 600maH 2/3 AAA Ni-MH
• Rechargeable Battery Capacity: 120 cycles/minute = 80% capacity
• Rechargeable Battery Life: More than 10 years
• Replaceable Battery: 3-C size
• Radio Bands: AM 525 - 1710 KHz; FM 88 - 108 MHz; Weather 162.4 - 162.55 MHz