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Stiebel Eltron SHC Mini-tank Electric Water Heater

Original price $189.95 - Original price $235.95
Original price
$189.95 - $235.95
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Get the superior, reliable, and energy-saving tankless electric water heater for point-of-use applications.

Install under the sink
then simply plug in.

The SHC Mini-tank frees up space while providing sufficient hot water for kitchens or hand washing applications. Why store 30 gallons of hot water when just 4 or 2.5 are sufficient?

The unit installs near or right under your sink. Lightweight and compact, the SHC can be mounted directly to the wall. Once it is filled with water, just plug it into a 110/120V outlet. With a mere 11 amp draw, no special wiring is necessary.

By putting hot water right where you need it, you can reduce pipe runs from the central hot water tank. This reduces both energy and water usage. The smaller tank coupled with ample insulation also reduces stand-by loss compared to larger tank type water heaters.

The unit comes with a 6-year warranty on the tank, and 2 years on all other components.


• Wall-mounted
• Glass-lined tank
• T & P valve included
• 2.5 gallon and 4 gallon models
• 6-year warranty on tank
• Plugs into standard 120 Volt outlet

Technical Specifications

SHC 2.5 SHC 4
Voltage 120 V 120 V
Wattage 1300 w 1200 w
Amperage 11.3 A 11 A
Nominal Water Volume 2.65 gal 3.96 gal
Weight Empty 15.9 lbs 22 lbs
Height 18.7 in 18.19 in
Width 11 in 12.28 in
Depth 10.63 in 12.28 in
Maximum Operating Pressure 150 psi 150 psi
Maximum Adjustable Temperature 140 F 165 F
Recovery Time 18 min 30 min
Stand by heat loss 0.5 kWh/day 1.15 kWh/day
Water Connections 1/2" NPT 1/2" NPT


Warranty information
Installation instruction (SHC 2.5)
Installation instruction (SHC 4)
Technical data

FAQ ("Frequently Asked Question")

Q: How long will the hot water last until running out, with the 2.5 gallon model?
A: The answer depends on a few factors:

• your incoming cold water temperature
• the tank temperature setting (which can be set from 60°F to 140°F)
• the flow rate of the point of use. For example, if you are using it with a kitchen sink, then the flow rate is typically 1.25 GPM. If bathroom sink, then the flow rate is typically 0.5 GPM, less than half of a kitchen sink, and makes a big difference.
• how much cold water you are mixing in to get your preferred output temperature

Let's assume that your incoming water temperature is 70°F, tank temperature setting is at the maximum 140°F, it is installed under a kitchen sink, and you are mixing cold water at the faucet to get a skin-comfortable output temperature of 105°F (not scalding hot 120°F for example). Given all that, then the hot water will last about 2.5 minutes.