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Takagi 9008345005 Thru-Wall Vent Pipe Thimble, 4" diameter

by Takagi
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Stainless Steel Wall Thimble, Standard (not Wide) Width. Part 100112732 (9008345005)
For venting tankless water heaters by Takagi/State/Reliance/American/AO Smith

Made in America

This 4" diameter thru-wall thimble has a width (across the side of the wall) of 10" x 10". The width (through to the outside of the wall) adjusts from 4" to 7".


• No sealant required - fits together with a simple gasketed connection
• Gives you the highest pressure rating available
• Smooth finish and perfect fit with new fusion-welded pipe seams
• Compatible with all Z-Flex Z-Vents
• Vent material: AL29-4C stainless steel
• Certification: Tested to meet or exceed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) spec UL1738 and ULS636
• Approval: Cat II, III, IV venting
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Compatibility and cross reference:

This 4" diameter wall thimble is the same as Takagi part number TK-KPW4-1 and AO Smith, American Heating part number 9008345005. It is half of the kit with part number 9008004005.

Compatible with the following tankless water heaters, as shown in their manual:

American Water Heaters GT-510-P/N and GT-540-P/N Indoor Liquid Propane/Natural Gas
American Water Heaters GT-310-P/N and GT-340-P/N Indoor Liquid Propane/Natural Gas
American Water Heaters GT-110-P/N and GT-140-P/N Indoor Liquid Propane/Natural Gas
A. O. Smith ATI-510-N/P and ATI-540-N/P Indoor Propane/Natural Gas
A. O. Smith ATI-310-N/P and ATI-340-N/P Indoor Propane/Natural Gas
A. O. Smith ATI-110-N/P and ATI-140-N/P Indoor Propane/Natural Gas
GSW GSWT-110/310
GSW GSWT-520/540
Marey 5L
Marey 10L
Reliance Water Heaters TS-510-GI and TS-540-GI
Reliance Water Heaters TS-310-GI and TS-340-GI
Reliance Water Heaters TS-110-GI and TS-140-GI
State Industries 510/540 Series
State Industries 310/340 Series
State Industries 110/140 Series
Takagi T-T-KJr2 Indoor/Outdoor Propane/NG
Takagi T-K4 Indoor/Outdoor Propane/NG
Takagi T-H3J-DV
Takagi T-H3S-DV
Takagi T-H3-DV


Z-Vent SVE Series IV Installation and Maintenance Instructions, 3" to 24", Single & Double Wall

Z-Vent Dimensional Specifications


A B C Part Numbers
4" 6" 10" 9008345005

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: Can this be used on a ceiling?
A1: Yes, it can. Although designed for through-wall installations, many contractors use this item for vertical vent pipe runs.