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Takagi T-M50-NG 14.5 GPM 380K BTU Tankless Water Heater Natural Gas

by Takagi
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$4,712.75 - $4,732.70
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Takagi TK-540P-NIH Water Heaters on sale

This beast Takagi tankless water heater will heat water from here to eternity.

The T-M50 Series heaters were designed especially for heavy-duty applications. These are the largest Takagi tankless heaters made, and also the most powerful single unit, gas fired tankless heater that exists. Nothing exists that is close to or larger in size.

With gas utilization of up to 380,000 BTU, the T-M50 can produce enough hot water for six bathrooms in warmer climates. With that level of heating capacity, they are also perfect for heavy-duty commercial applications.

The T-M50 Series is often used for commercial locations such as hotels, restaurants, government, convalescent homes, and more. These applications all need high demand and the most durable heaters. The T-M50 Series meets those requirements in two ways:
The only commercial units that offer a dual-combustion, dual heat exchanger system, which provides redundancy and reliability, and gives extra assurance that the T-M50 Series heater will remain operational.
The heat exchangers use HRS35 copper alloy which is much more heat resistant and durable than standard or lower-grade copper
Thicker heat exchanger drum
Includes an internal pump control port.

The Takagi T-M50 Series is also ideal for domestic hot water systems (directly or indirectly) with storage tanks, hydronic heating systems, recirculation systems and radiant floor systems.

T-M50 heaters are fully modulating, gas fired, tankless water heaters.

NSF certified for commercial applications

Both ASME and non-ASME versions are available. (Both versions are nearly identical, but the ASME version has been through its certification process.)

Safety features include freeze protection, overheat protection, surge protection, and troubleshooting diagnostic codes display.


BTU input maximum 380000
BTU input minimum 19500
Temperature rise vs. Flow rate 35°F at 14.5 GPM
70°F at 8.7 GPM
Maximum Flow Rate 14.5 GPM
Dimensions (inches) 12.25 D x 24.875 W x 25.25 H
Water Supply Connection Pipe Size 3/4" NPT
Energy Star Compliant No
Fuel/Thermal Efficiency 0.802
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Ignition System Electronic Ignition
Voltage 120V
Water Heater Type Tankless
Venting system type Direct vent, non-condensing
Vent flue diameter 5 inches
Venting material Category III stainless steel such as Z-Vent Z-Flex
Multi-linkable Up to 4 units without a Multi-Unit Controller
Up to 10 units with a Multi-Unit Controller
Water connection location bottom
Heat Exchanger Commercial-grade HRS35 alloy copper
Warranty Residential use: 15-year limited heat exchanger, 5 yrs limited parts
Commercial use: 10-year limited heat exchanger, 5 yrs limited parts


Specification Sheet
Owner's Manual & Installation Guide