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Take Charge Power-Saving Wall-Mounted Outlet

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The Take Charge PowerSaver Wall Mounted outlet with timed charger docking bays comes with 4 outlets. One of them is "always on" and the other three are controlled by a 3-hour timer and allows you to keep your rechargeable gadgets plugged in without draining excess electricity. The PowerSaver not only extends the lifespan of your battery by avoiding overcharging, but it also saves enough electricity that it pays for itself in under a year by limiting energy vampires.

Take Charge Power Saving Wall-Mounted Outlet

What is an "energy vampire"?

Sometimes known as "leaking electricity" or "phantom load", energy vampires refer to electrical appliances that "suck" electricity all night after they have been turned off or switched to standby mode.

Some scary facts for you

• 10% to 20% of the total electricity consumption in your home is due to appliances plugged in on standby mode.
• Mobile phone chargers use 4 watts when charging a phone, 2 watts after the phone has been fully charged, and 2 watts when the charger is left on the outlet without the phone.

1 watt of standby power consumes about $1 per year. This might not seem like a lot, but when you have 40 or more appliances in your home drawing around 5 watts when they're off, the amount adds up quickly.

If you invested the $200 you spend on standby power anually, you could have around $24,000 in 30 years (at an average growth of 8%). Get one now!

Take Charge Power Saving Wall-Mounted Outlet