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The Right Brush, Ergonomic Pain-free Paint Brush

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$12.95 - $17.90
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Is painting painful or tiring for you? Paint pain-free and effortlessly with the Right Brush.

• Experience comfort, control and less stress with The Right Brush
• Ergonomically designed handle fits your hand comfortably, eliminating pains and aches associated with painting
• Hanging hook keeps your work clean and makes the brush easy to store
• Excellent quality allows for delicate tasks and swift, broad coverage painting with ease
• Owning The Right Brush is like having several top quality paint brushes in one.

The Right Brush: Painless Paint Brush
Efficient in tight spaces

The Right Brush: Painfree Paint Brush
Perfect for left hand or right hand

The Right Brush: Ergonomic Paint Brush
Bristles are of high quality for great results
The Right Brush: Pain-free Paint Brush
Easily stored

When was the last time you enjoyed painting so much that you didn't want to stop? The Right Brush is the only high-tech paint brush designed for the human hand.


The Right Brush: Ergonomic Paint Brush "It just feels awesome, cutting in was so nice with it... I felt no pain at all, in my arm, in my hand...Left handed as well as right, it felt just as good, I was able to handle it, and hold it comfortably... It cleans up beautifully... Now it's less than a burden to do the job."
-- Kris Carlone, fitness trainer