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Volt Heated Indoor-Outdoor Boots-Slippers, Foot Warmer

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GadgetsGo ships only the latest generation III 2016/2017 version.

Suffering from cold or tired feet? Get instant relief with Volt Heated Slippers.

Many folks are annoyed by cold feet due to cold floors, age, lifestyle, gender, or just a cold climate. Volt Heated Slippers wlll give you instant heated relief and keep your feet warm and cozy. Volt heated slippers make the perfect solution.

Size chart

US Men's Size US Women's Size
Volt Slipper Size
- 5 to 6 Small
6 to 7.5 6.5 to 8 Medium
8 to 9.5 8.5 to 10 Large
10 to 11.5 10.5 to 12 XL
12 - 2XL
13 - 3XL

Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Boots, Foot Warmer

Put some warm comfort around your cold feet

The Volt Resistance heated footwear was designed for comfort, convenience, and versatility.

The rubber sole and fabric outer shell allow them to be worn in your home, as well as outdoors. Your feet will stay protected from the elements as well as warm and dry in the heated slippers, regardless of outdoor weather conditions.

The Volt heated slippers uses 3V™ fiber heating technology in addition to lightweight but powerful and rechargeable lithium batteries. These battery-powered outdoor/indoor slippers provide hours of warmth that rejuvenate cold feet and relieves numb toes. A single charge can last up to 6 hours, so you could stay warm all evening or all day. Unlike most heated clothes being sold now, Volt boots' heat output are regulated by a built-in thermostat which adjusts the heating element temperature automatically from 110°F to 135°F. That provides you with the optimal amount of comfort and heat.

Volt heated booties are designed for women and men in sizes and color options which include purple, gray, solid black, and fashion black.

Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Boots, Foot Warmer

Improved, Third-Generation Features

• Ripstop Nylon fabric upper shell treated with DWR (durable water repellent) finish for wet weather protection
• 100% recycled rubber outsole for durability and flexibility
• Nylon cinch cord may be pulled to seal out the cold
• PVC leather foxing repels water and connects upper with outsole
• Battery connects to plug and discreetly tucks into a Velcro pocket
• Footbed is memory foam cushioned for extra comfort
• 640 grams of insulation traps the heat in and envelopes your feet with warmth
• Durable 3V™ fiber heating technology provides hours of soothing warmth

To avoid burning your skin, frequently check the areas of skin exposed to heat.

Included with your purchase

• Dual AC adapter which recharges both batteries in five hours
• Two powerful 3.7V 2000 mAh batteries (item number VB320R). Rechargeable for hundreds of uses
• Wireless Remote

Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Boots, Foot Warmer


Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

How long should I charge the batteries?

It should take 5 to 6 hours to charge fully discharged batteries. The charger lights will turn green when the batteries are completely charged.

NOTE: The battery lights will only show red and never change to green.

How long before the rechargeable batteries need to be recharged?

3+ hours at 100%, the highest setting
4.5 hours at 75%, the medium/high setting
6 hours at 50%, the Medium/Low setting
10 hours at 25%, the Low setting

Are the slippers waterproof?

No. Both the 1200 denier nylon foxing and ripstop nylon upper have a durable DWR water-repellent coating. This chemical treatment causes water to form beads that roll off from the fabric's surface. All DWR treatments eventually wear off and need another application of waterproofing. Several products on the market (Scotchguard, Kiwi Camp Dry, Nikwax, etc.) can restore water repellency.

The battery packs have a water-repellent case, but never submerge them in water. If the batteries get wet, immediately disconnect them from the slippers and fully dry off before reusing.

How should I wash the slippers?

Follow the washing instructions on the care label in the right-footed slipper. Here is what that label says:
• Remove the batteries before washing
• Machine wash normal cycle, cold
→ Do not bleach
→ Do not tumble dry
→ Line dry only
→ Do not dry clean or iron
→ Allow to completely dry before reconnecting to the power

Can I exchange the slippers for a different size?

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee means that you can exchange the slippers for a different size provided that they are in 100% resalable and new condition.

Do I need to wear socks with the slippers?

Yes, we highly recommend that you wear socks with the Volt boots so you have an protective layer between the heating elements and your skin.

What are the available styles?

Choose between Solid Black, Fashion Black, Gray and Purple.

Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Boots, Foot Warmer Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Boots, Foot Warmer
Fashion Black Gray

How much do the slippers weigh?

One small slipper (the smallest size) without battery weighs 6 ounces and the battery weighs 3 ounces.

I have a foot width of EEEE. Will my feet fit into one of your size slippers?

No, sorry.

Warranty: 1 year warranty for defects in materials under normal use. The electrical components of the product, the battery(ies) and charger have a 90 day warranty.