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Volt Men's Insulated-Heated Winter Mitt

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$116.95 - $121.90
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Warmer than gloves, easy to put on and take off. It's perfect for any outdoor activity in the cold.

Everyone knows that mitts are warmer than gloves. Volt Heated Mitts are even warmer, thanks to the combination of 200 grams of Thinsulate with the Zero Layer heating system which concentrates heat on both sides of the hand so your fingertips are heated as well. If you are looking for serious warmth but still need quick access to your hands then these Heated Mitts are perfect for you. Whether you're in the stands at a ballgame, getting ready to hit the slopes, or out fishing on a frozen lake on a frosty spring morning, these Heated Mitts will never leave you out in the cold.


• One size fits most (Medium, Large, Extra Large)
• Waterproof, breathable Aquatex membrane
• Heats the back and the palm of your hand including the thumb
• 4 level microprocessor controller to regulates heat to your desired heat output
• Includes two 7.4v batteries and a dual charger
• Provides over 150°F of soothing heat for 2 hours at the highest setting or 8+ hours at the lowest setting. (The heating elements in the Volt Mittens at room temperature, 68-70°F, measure up to 150°F. The temperature is measured on top of the inside lining that is over the heating panel. This sounds hot but it is diffused by the material worn underneath gloves between the heating elements in the glovesand the wearer's skin. Or course water or metals at these temperatures will burn skin, but clothing is not a good conductor of heat. That is why you can reach into a dryer and pull out clothing at over 250 degrees and don't get burned. But if you touch a zipper, watch out!)