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VoltBolt cord & plug lock for appliances-computers-games

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VoltBolt lets you to disable any electrical device at any time

Keep your kids/elderly safe.
Deter theft of the device.

The VoltBolt is a powerful tool which adds safety, security and parental control to your life. With the simple turn of a key, the VoltBolt will lock and turn off the electrical device it's attached to. It securely and instantly shuts off the power to the device. Plus, it prevents energy leakage from power tools, office equipment, video game systems, televisions, and any other device. No need to unplug!

Prevent the unauthorized use of:

VoltBolt plug lock for appliances/computers/gamesVoltBolt plug lock for appliances/computers/games→ Power Tools
→ Machinery
→ Cooking appliances
→ Cable Boxes
→ Game Systems
→ Televisions
→ Stereos
→ Copy Machines
→ Computers
→ Office Equipment
→ Small Appliances
→ And more...

How the VoltBolt Works

With the VoltBolt in the On/Unlocked key position, plug the electrical device into the VoltBolt, just as you would with a powerstrip or extension cord. With the VoltBolt is in the "On" position, the device will work normally.

To disable the electrical device you plugged into the VoltBolt, turn the key position on the VoltBolt to the "Off" position while the device is still plugged in, then remove the key. In the "Off" position, power is cut off from the device. Now, the device will not work. And, it cannot be removed from the VoltBolt.

Works with 2 and 3 prong plugs, both. Buy to Voltbolt to lock out all appliances that use an electrical cord with standard 2 or 3 prong plugs. Just plug the cord into the VoltBolt and use the key to lock the prongs in.

With the VoltBolt, you get the "power to control power".

VoltBolt plug lock for appliances/computers/games

VoltBolt plug lock for appliances/computers/games

Plug any electrical device into your VoltBolt while the key is in the Unlocked/On position. Then turn the key to Lock/Off. Now, your device is unusable and safe from theft.






• 2 keys shipped with every VoltBolt
• 4-foot 14 gauge electrical cord
• Voltbolt's cord plug is 3 prong.
• Plug 2 or 3 prong plugs into VoltBolt
• Max Rating: 125 Volt / 15 Amp


The VoltBolt may be used to control all access to any electrical device that uses a standard electrical cord. Here are a few ways where using VoltBolt works well:

VoltBolt plug lock for appliances/computers/gamesComputers

Keep others from accessing private information or inappropriate content without having to remember long passwords or using complicated software.


Prevent others from damaging expensive stereo equipment. Most music CDs and DVDs can't even be removed from the player without electricity.

Office equipment

Stop unauthorized use of copy machines as well as other office equipment simply by locking the VoltBolt before leaving the office. You no longer need to remember security codes or buy expensive security accessories.

All pieces of electrical equipment in shared spaces are subject to unauthorized use. Office workers, hospital staff, students and teachers are just a few of many individuals that might need a VoltBolt for much needed security.

College Students

One of the most frustrating things that can happen in shared living areas is the unauthorized use of someone's personal electronic equipment. Computers, TVs, gaming systems and stereos are common equipment in the living quarters of most colleges. Unfortunately, confrontations are also common when others help themselves to another person's private property. Many of these problems may be avoided by using VoltBolt to control access to the owner's equipment. While the VoltBolt is attached, the property owner has full control of when the equipment is used and who uses it.

Theft Deterrent

Potential thieves might want to reconsider stealing valuable equipment when they see that the VoltBolt is attached. Even if it's possible to take the equipment, it will not work while the VoltBolt is locked onto its electrical plug. Unless they get the key to the VoltBolt, any stolen item will be useless because no electricity will be available to operate it.

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs")

Q1: Is it possible to have multiple VoltBolts which are all keyed alike?
A1: Yes, you can have multiple VoltBolts which are keyed the same. Just tell us in the message box on the final Secure Checkout screen.