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Waiwela-Paloma PHH-32ROFLN Outdoor Natural Gas Condensing Tankless Water Heater

by Waiwela
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$1,489.00 - $1,588.95
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Get an outdoor gas tankless water heater for homes with up to 3 bathrooms.

The Paloma PHH-32ROFL can support 3 to 4 major hot water applications in a warm climate. It uses condensing technology that makes it the most efficient whole-house tankless water heating solution at a 0.94 Energy Factor. It can be converted for commercial use for up to 185°F of heating by simply adding a hi-temperature computer chip. Note: Outdoor models should never be installed in climates where freezing temperatures are likely.

Except for the label, this heater is identical to the Rheem RTGH-95XLN. Paloma has owned Rheem since 1988.


• Low NOx burner
• High altitude capable
• Self diagnostic system
• Freeze protected to -30°F
• Connect up to 20 units together
• Accepts preheated water up to 140°F
• Optional upgrade available for output maximum of 185°F
• Residential & Commercial Applications
• Supports both vertical and horizontal venting
• Wired Temperature Remote Control Included
• 0.4 GPM Activation / 0.26 GPM minimum flow rate
• Supplied 120V power cord with indoor direct vent models
• Integrated appliance adapter & condensate drain simplifies venting on Indoor Direct Vent models
• Made In japan


• Digital controller
• Endless hot water
• Diagnostic display
• Changes temperature settings precisely and instantly with the touch of a button


• Overheat limit wrap
• Anti-scald protection
• Flame failure monitor
• Temperature controller is adjustable to prevent scalding
• Flame rods ensure proper firing while detecting flame failure
• Resin film surrounding the combustion chamber for overheating detection
• Incomplete Combustion Avoidance Device (ICAD) monitors combustion for unsafe carbon monoxide


• 12 Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger*
• 5 Year Warranty on Parts*
• 1 Year Warranty on Service*


Electrical Rating 120V/60Hz
Gas Type Natural Gas
Inlet Gas Pressure Max. (in. of w.c.) 13.0
Inlet Gas Pressure Min. (in. of w.c.) 8.0
Manifold Pressure ( in. of w.c. at max. input) 4.7
Maximum Water Supply Pressure (psi) 150
Maximum Input Rate (btu/hr) 199,900
Minimum Input Rate (btu/hr) 11,000
Recover Rating (gal/hr) 226
Shipping Weight (lbs) 81
Minimum Activation Flow Rate (GPM) 0.40
Extinction Flow Rate (GPM) 0.25
Hot Water Capacity (GPM at 35°F temp. rise) 9.5
Hot Water Capacity (77°F rise) 4.9
Default Temperature Setting (no controller) 120
Temperature Default Setting 100
Minimum Temperature Setting (°F) 85
Efficiency Rating (Energy Factor) 0.94
Normal Electrical Consumption 100 W
Standby Electrical Consumption 3 to 5 W
Antifreeze Protection Electrical Consumption 200 W
Water Connections 3/4" NPT
Gas Connection 3/4" NPT
Water Supply Pressure 14-150 PS
High Altitude (up to 10,000 ft.) Yes
Multiple-Unit Installation Yes
Safety Devices Overheat Film Wrap, Flame Rod,
Water Temperature High-Limit Switch,
Flue Temperature High-Limit Switch
Accessories Remote Control, Service Valves,
Vent Kits, Pipe Cover, EZ Link,
MIC-6, MIC-185, Recess Box


User Manual