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Waiwela-Paloma PHH-32ROFLP Outdoor Liquid Propane Condensing Tankless Water Heater

by Waiwela
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$1,489.00 - $1,588.95
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Get an outdoor gas tankless water heater for homes with up to 3 bathrooms.

The Paloma PHH-32ROFL can support 3 to 4 major hot water applications in a warm climate. It uses condensing technology that makes it the most efficient whole-house tankless water heating solution at a 0.94 Energy Factor. It can be converted for commercial use for up to 185°F of heating by simply adding a hi-temperature computer chip. Note: Outdoor models should never be installed in climates where freezing temperatures are likely.

Except for the label, this heater is identical to the Rheem RTGH-95XLP. Paloma has owned Rheem since 1988.


• Low NOx burner
• High altitude capable
• Self diagnostic system
• Freeze protected to -30°F
• Connect up to 20 units together
• Accepts preheated water up to 140°F
• Optional upgrade available for output maximum of 185°F
• Residential & Commercial Applications
• Supports both vertical and horizontal venting
• Wired Temperature Remote Control Included
• 0.4 GPM Activation / 0.26 GPM minimum flow rate
• Supplied 120V power cord with indoor direct vent models
• Integrated appliance adapter & condensate drain simplifies venting on Indoor Direct Vent models
• Made in Japan


• Digital controller
• Endless hot water
• Diagnostic display
• Changes temperature settings precisely and instantly with the touch of a button


• Overheat limit wrap
• Anti-scald protection
• Flame failure monitor
• Temperature controller is adjustable to prevent scalding
• Flame rods ensure proper firing while detecting flame failure
• Resin film surrounding the combustion chamber for overheating detection
• Incomplete Combustion Avoidance Device (ICAD) monitors combustion for unsafe carbon monoxide


• 12 Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger*
• 5 Year Warranty on Parts*
• 1 Year Warranty on Service*


Electrical Rating 120V/60Hz
Gas Type Liquid Propane
Inlet Gas Pressure Max. (in. of w.c.) 13.0
Inlet Gas Pressure Min. (in. of w.c.) 8.0
Manifold Pressure (in. of w.c. at max. input) 4.7
Maximum Water Supply Pressure (psi) 150
Maximum Input Rate (btu/hr) 199,900
Minimum Input Rate (btu/hr) 11,000
Recover Rating (gal/hr) 226
Shipping Weight (lbs) 81
Minimum Activation Flow Rate (GPM) 0.40
Extinction Flow Rate (GPM) 0.25
Hot Water Capacity (GPM at 35°F temp. rise) 9.5
Hot Water Capacity (77°F rise) 4.9
Default Temperature Setting (no controller) 120
Temperature Default Setting 100
Minimum Temperature Setting (°F) 85
Efficiency Rating (Energy Factor) 0.94
Normal Electrical Consumption 100 W
Standby Electrical Consumption 3 to 5 W
Antifreeze Protection Electrical Consumption 200 W
Water Connections 3/4" NPT
Gas Connection 3/4" NPT
Water Supply Pressure 14-150 PS
High Altitude (up to 10,000 ft.) Yes
Multiple-Unit Installation Yes
Safety Devices Overheat Film Wrap, Flame Rod,
Water Temperature High-Limit Switch,
Flue Temperature High-Limit Switch
Accessories Remote Control, Service Valves,
Vent Kits, Pipe Cover, EZ Link,
MIC-6, MIC-185, Recess Box


User Manual