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WATTS ScaleNet M8408-M8409 Home Anti-Scale Water Treatment

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ScaleNet Anti Scale Water Treatment

The ScaleNet™ anti-scale system was designed around a technologically advanced medium to prevent and completely eliminate scale without using salt, chemicals, or wasting backwash water.

The problemScaleNet Anti Scale Water Treatment

Calcium produces scale on appliances, inside pipes, and other plumbing surfaces. This results to higher energy and heating costs and more repair expenses to appliances such as dishwashers, ice machines, coffee makers, and cooling towers in most commercial buildings.

Scale may also facilitate bacterial growth, which is a health concern especially in drinking water applications. On the other hand, calcium is important to good health, and calcium supplements are recommended if intake is reduced or completely void in your diet.

The solutionScaleNet Anti Scale Water Treatment

The WATTS® Anti-Scale system transforms calcium ions into stable calcium crystals which don't attach to pipes, surfaces, heat exchanger components or other hardware. The crystals are so tiny that they are rinsed away easily by flowing water.

Made in AmericaBenefits

• Aids in removing any existing scale
• Virtually eliminates scale buildup
• No more expensive scale-related repairs to appliances.
• No brine tank
• No salt
• No electricity
• No backwash
• Easy installation
• Saves water

Proven results

Lab tests done at the Watts test facility in San Antonio, Texas prove that ScaleNet anti-scale media virtually stops the formation of new scale and aids in removing existing scale. The tests were done in water with hardness levels of 17 grains/gallon and temperatures to 120°F.

ScaleNet Anti Scale Water Treatment


Part Number M8408-RES M8409-RES
Tank Size (in.) 8 × 35 9 × 35
Tank Type Vortech Vortech
Pipe Size (in.) 1" 1"
Media Liters 3.5 4
Service Flow GPM 10 12
Floor Space L × W × H (in.) 11 × 11 × 42 12 × 12 × 42
Ship Weight (lbs.) 30 32
Matrix Ceramic coated polymer
Density 1.1 to 1.2 lbs. per cubic foot
Weight 650 g/L
Capacity 1 liter per 3.0 gallons of flow (min.)
Lifetime 3 to 5 years depending on levels of hardness and chlorine.
Temperature 40°F minimum to 140°F maximum (4°C to 60°C)
pH 6 to 9 (effective range)
ScaleNet Anti Scale Water Treatment

Download the Watts Scalenet brochure