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Wind 'N Go Ultralight Flashlight

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The UltraLight is a self-powered flashlight and much more. It is the ultimate dynamo powered flashlight. With every crank of the handle you will generate more power than any other similar product available today. With 1 minute of winding you will get up to 90 minutes of light, 45 minutes of radio, and 10 minutes of cell phone talk time. No other crank flashlight can match this.

Its highly efficient dynamo charging system not only provides power to the flashlight and radio, but is also the only dynamo unit that will charge a dead cell phone battery to an acceptable amount of talk time. Perfect for emergencies.


• 5-LED flashlight (high & low illumination)
• AM/FM and NOAA weatherband radio
• Cell phone charger (Nokia adapter included)
• High-decibel siren and red flashing emergency LED
• Glow in the dark ring and low glow LED to make finding it in the dark easy
• It may be charged with an AC adapter for up to 20 hours of operation (not included)

Click here for the data sheet.

Click here for a copy of the operating instructions.


• Color: Red and black
• Battery Information: Rechargeable Ni-MH 4x 2/3 AA 600 mA 4.8V
• Battery Capacity: 120 cycles/min. = 80% capacity
• Battery Life: Charge > 500 times = about 10 years
• Weight: 12 oz.
• Dimensions: 3.5" L x 2 38" W x 6.94" H
• LED Lights: Up to 100,000 hours
• Siren: Approximately 90 decibels
• AC Charger (not included): AC 120V, DC output = 6V DC 300 mA. Positive polarity
• Cell Phone Adapter (included): One Nokia cell phone adapter is included that works with most Nokia models. It also serves as a universal connector to attach to other cell phone adapters available through electronic and mobile phone stores (not included).
• DC Cell Phone Charging Output: 6V DC 300 mA load current