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Zurn Z1700-200 ShokTrol Water Hammer Arrestor

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Wherever flow velocity can suddenly change, Zurn SHOKTROLS gives complete protection against water hammer in common pipe diameters for varying pipe lengths.

Here are common situations when flow rate can change so fast that water hammer happens:

≈ Quick closing, solenoid-actuated valves used with sinks, lavs, dishwashers, and automatic residential washers
≈ Improperly adjusted water closet flush valves
≈ Pumping systems
≈ Drinking fountains or similar furnishings where water flow usage is valved for intermittent operation

Zurn SHOKTROL's shock-absorbing air cushion is hermetically sealed within the unit. These units don't experience a loss of air due to leakage or permeation past worn elastomeric sealing surfaces. Other hammer arrestors with elastomeric parts will wear out faster. In addition, SHOKTROL's 18-8 stainless steel construction prevents degradation from high levels of chloramine and other common water supply chemicals which destroy elastomeric components.


ANSI Specifications ANSI A112.26.1M
Model series ShokTrol
End Connection 1 Male Threaded
Fitting Size 1 3/4 in
Height 3.5 in
Length 4 7/10 in
Material All 18-8 stainless steel
Maximum Pressure 125 psi
Maximum Temperature 300

Shoktrol Water Hammer Arrestors pipe threads are accurately machined to ensure a good seal. For the 100 and 200 size units, 3/4 [19] male I.P.S. inlet is standard. For sizes 300 through 600, 1 [25] male I.P.S. inlet is standard. Always install in an upright position on a horizontal run of piping.