How to Return Your Purchase

Returns are easy at!

Is your purchase from, amazon or eBay?

If (not amazon or eBay), then simply find the receipt that we emailed you. Then click Reply. Then highlight and copy the following 7 questions, paste in your reply, and send us the answers.
   1. Is the retail package opened?
   2. If the product used, describe its condition.
   3. If the product is malfunctioning, describe how.
   4. Can you return the product exactly as you received it, with the original retail packaging and 100% of its contents?
   5. If you answered "no" to #4, what is missing?
   6. Would you like a refund, exchange, or different model?
   7. If refund, do you accept the 20% restocking fee as stated on our "Return Policy" at the bottom left corner of this page? For an exchange or change to a different model (returning new, unused items only), we are pleased to waive the 20% restocking fee. If refund, and if this item was shipped FREE to you, we do not refund our cost of shipping to you, and the fee is a part of our cost to ship to you.

Any questions about this? Just reply to your emailed receipt and we'll respond quickly.

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