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The ShaveTech is an innovative electric razor that will makes it easy to shave while you travel. Its sleek, smart design is no bigger than a smart phone. That makes it a must-have grooming accessory for the tech savvy man on the go.

The ShaveTech comes a lustrous black color, trimmed in brushed silver. Its compact body and sharp, lightweight design make it easy to bring along wherever you go: on a flight, to the gym, or to work...all without weighing you down.

The ShaveTech is powered by any USB port. As you stow it away, the shaver's USB plug flips back inside for compact portability. If you are traveling outside the USA, the ShaveTech does not need an electrical converter. Just charge it with your laptop or any available computer. It is the only USB-powered shaver on the market.


  •  Contemporary design is a trend-setter among shavers.
  •  Easy Maintenance: Outer foil hood can easily be removed for easy cleaning.
  •  Portable: Smart phone sized. Easily fits in your pocket and carry-on luggage.
  •  RoHS Compliant: The ShaveTech is manufactured without harmful materials.
  •  Included:
      →  ShaveTech electric razor
      →  Cleaning brush
      →  Carrying pouch
      →  Well-made box
      →  Instruction manual

The sleek box makes a great package for gift-giving. The sleek box makes a great package for gift-giving. The sleek box makes a great package for gift-giving.
The sleek box makes a great package for gift-giving. Chargeable through standard USB ports available all over the world. Sharp blades guarantee a close shave every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to charge the ShaveTech?
Before your first use, the ShaveTech must be charged overnight. Then, charge for 4 hours after every 30 minutes of use.

How long does the battery last?
A full charge is enough for 30 minutes of shaving.

How should I set the power switch to charge properly?
Set the power switch so it reads "Off" while charging.

Can I plug my ShaveTech directly into a wall outlet?
You may use any USB wall adapter to charge the ShaveTech through a wall outlet. See the blue Related Gadgets tab above for a portable USB AC adapter.

At what voltage does the ShaveTech operate?
An industry-standard USB connection is used for charging, which eliminates any voltage hassles while traveling.

Can I put the ShaveTech with my carry-on luggage when I travel?
Yes. It is completely safe.

How do I clean my ShaveTech properly?
Make sure your ShaveTech is unplugged and the switch is set to "Off". Then, take off the cover and remove the outer foil hood. Clean the shaver body, outer foil and inner blades carefully using a cleaning brush. Once you're done cleaning, reattach the outer foil hood and cover. Please note that the ShaveTech must not be cleaned with water as it might damage the product.

Does the ShaveTech come in any color variants?
No, it is currently available in black only.

Is it waterproof?

Is the shaving head replaceable?
Yes, it is!

What is the life expectancy of the shaving head?
The shaving head should 1800 to 2700 minutes of regular use.

What is the proper way of shaving with the ShaveTech?
First, pull your skin taught and apply the ShaveTech at a 90 degrees for full contact between the blades and your skin. Use the ShaveTech only when it is fully charged, so the blades will operate at full speed. Shave against the direction of your beard's growth.

How long is the warranty?
The warranty is for one year from the date of purchase.

What does being RoHS compliant mean?
RoHS compliance means that the ShaveTech is not produced using certain harmful substances which are often used in electronics.

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