ShoulderDolly ProLift: Heavy-duty moving/carrying dolly


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Less strain, less injuries, more control! Get the best mover's tool for heavy lifting.

The ShoulderDolly ProLift was designed for people who move objects on a daily basis. It's ideal for appliance installers and warehouse workers.

ShoulderDolly ProLift: Heavy duty moving/carrying dollyFeatures

  •  Padded harness
  •  Military grade hardware
  •  Fully adjustable harness
  •  Advanced strap system design
  •  Easily adjustable strap system for all object sizes


  •  Less back strain
  •  Less risk of injury
  •  Allows safe and easy lifting
  •  Recommended by ergonomic experts and chiropractors
  •  Harness is fully adjustable to every user's body type, weight and height
  •  Frees the movers' hands to hold the object, wall, or railing for better control.

ShoulderDolly ProLift: Heavy duty moving/carrying dollyIncludes

  •  1 12' x 5" moving strap
  •  2 fully adjustable, padded harnesses
  •  2 tension buckles (5" buckle)
  •  2 tri-snaphooks
  •  Instructional DVD
  •  Carrying Bag


  •  Weight: 11 lbs.
  •  Suggested maximum carrying capacity: 1000 lbs.
  •  The webbing and hardware have been tested to carry up to 2500 lbs. However, the lifters (you and your partner) must support the full weight of the load. To avoid injuries, we suggest the maximum carrying capacity of 1000 lbs. for stronger movers.

Steps to a safe and successful lift

1. The ProLift Shoulder Dolly comes with two fully adjustable vests, each with Tri-Snaphook metal buckles. You and your partner should put on the vests and adjust to fit.

     •  Clip both side release buckles together. Adjust them up or down the yellow piping until they align at your sternum.

     •   Adjust the Tri-Snaphook buckles so they are near your hipbones, just below your stomach. This can be done by pulling the 2" webbing on the shoulder strap.

     •  Clip the Tri-Snaphook into the 5" tension buckle. One Tri-Snaphook clips onto each of the metal buckle's sides.

     •  Make sure that Pro Lift vest is well adjusted to your body size every time you put it on.

2. Put the 12' lifting strap under the object you want to move. Position it to support the bulk of the object's weight. You could tip the object to its side and slide the strap under. If it has legs, you can just slide the strap under from the side. The strap must be positioned to support the bulk of the object's weight (near the back of a couch, for example).

3. Position yourself into a semi-squatting position by bending your knees. The item will go up higher the deeper you squat. Keep your back straight, do not lean forward to the object.

4. Take the lifting strap and weave it through the 5" tension buckle. Start weaving down the webbing under the buckle, then behind the larger metal rod, over the top, and finally thread it between the two rods. After weaving the strap, pull the webbing through the tension buckle until tight.

5. If you need to adjust the length of strap, turn the buckle until it is horizontal to the ground to unlock it. Then pull the long end of the strap to loosen, or the short end to tighten. When the buckle is turned vertically, it will lock and so you can stand and lift the object off the ground.

6. When adjusting the strap, make sure that you feel some tension on your shoulders when you stand up. If one of the lifters is taller, then he/she will have more webbing exposed from the buckle to the floor than the shorter person.

7. You may end up with excess webbing after lifting the object. To make sure that you don't trip over that, tuck the excess webbing into your pants or tie it around your body.

8. (VERY IMPORTANT!) Push against the object you're moving with straight arms. This will ensure that your back stays in proper alignment. This shifts the object's weight onto your shoulders and legs.

9. You and your partner should push against the object simultaneously with your arms until they are straight, and then slowly straighten your legs while balancing the object with your arms.

10. Make sure you communicate with your partner while lifting.


  • While you are not lifting an object, you may clip the Tri-Snaphooks into each other behind your back.
  • If you are going up or down stairs, the object you're lifting must be at least 10" above the ground to clear the steps. To get that height, you and your lifting partner must go down into a deeper squat and then adjust the webbing. This will lift the object higher into the air.

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