• michael piacentini

    These guys were GREAT at quickly following up on any question I had. When I left something in my cart, they quickly followed up to see if there was anything wrong. Then, I asked for an “expedited” order/shipping and I have no idea how but the product arrive within LESS than a day of when I placed the order (ok, maybe it was overnight) but I was SHOCKED and I didn’t have to pay extra. Thanks again. You guys are phenomenal!!!

    michael piacentini


  • Matthew Hubeny

    GadgetsGo is the best company I have ever done business with, such great customer care, it's unbelievable. Awesome job!

    Matthew Hubeny


  • Jason Martin

    These guys are the real deal! I ordered a big Navien boiler on a Saturday and it was at my door by Wednesday afternoon! That's fast service! Thanks so much!

    Jason Martin


  • Frank Pinto

    Great job answering all questions!!!

    Frank Pinto


  • Harvey

    Although I seldom write testimonials, I was so impressed with Gadgetsgo's performance that I felt compelled to do so. I ordered a Elima -Draft commercial 1-way deflector vent cover. It arrived well before the estimated shipping time and was what I needed


    3-Hab 08-04-2020

  • Tim

    I inquired about a pool heater received a response within a few hours, ordered it and it was delivered to my workshop door within 3 to 4 days. Excellent service!



  • Carl Kuehner

    Although I seldom write testimonials, I was so impressed with Gadgetsgo's performance that I felt compelled to do so. I ordered a pool heater last Friday. Apparently the shipment originated in Tennessee and was shipped on Monday, went to a warehouse in Ohio, another outside of Scranton, PA and was delivered to me today, Wednesday. I believe that is exceptional service. Furthermore, the delivery driver was most cooperative in assisting me to locate the heater in proximity to the existing pool equipment. All in all, I do not know how my experience could have been any better!! Many thanks.

    Carl Kuehner


  • Toni

    I ordered and Auto heating thermos and a Auto heated food warmer.they are both excellent products. Plus I communicated with the company through email. They responded thoroughly and promptly. This is a wonderful establishment with good quality products.



  • Frank Oszuscik

    The Gadgetsgo customer service rep was very helpful, Dayton freight was also excellent, package arrived in excellent condition.

    Frank Oszuscik

    Race Way Stables 04-23-2020

  • Fred Snapp

    Precise, Professional and Punctual. Order placed, I modified The order on an error I made. Customer service was friendly and concise and remedied the situation rapidly. I placed the order yesterday and received the order today. I have been truly impressed with the service.

    Fred Snapp


  • Harold

    Excellent service. Thanks



  • Menghao Wang

    Hi to all, I am here to share an incredible experiences with gadgetsgo.com. My 17 years old boiler has a crack on it, and it is leaking through out this pass Winter. It worries me day and night that my family might have to live this Winter without any heat. Everybody was giving me different advises without any reasoning to the point I don't know who to listen to anymore. I was looking for Navien NFC175 model when I came across with gadgetsgo.com. First it was the much lower price that catch my attention. Second day, I received an email from Ross. After several exchange emails, Ross gave me a piece of mind through this utmost caring explanations. I am so happy to see there is still someone like Ross in today's society. Our exchange of emails happen on a Sunday which almost all people won't care for in a situation such as this. Ross took his time and slowly explain eveything in details to me. I believed everything I learned from the salesperson, because I feel his reasoning behind his words. All thanks to Ross, now I know Navien NCB240e is the perfect model for my needs.

    Menghao Wang

    Home Builder NY Inc 03-10-2020

  • Barry C

    WOW! Ordered a tankless water heater on a Tuesday evening, the truck rolled up to deliver it Wednesday morning at 930. GREAT JOB!

    Barry C


  • Andrew

    We had ordered an instahot on amazon which USPS lost! Gadgetsgo contacted me that day and told me he would file a claim and have a another one to me asap. He was a man of his word. Also we ended up buying 3 more because no one else could beat their price! Gadgetsgo is our new go to place for things like this


    Pasadena corp 02-07-2020

  • John Ohalek

    I ordered a pool heater when they delivered I was not at home, they texted me and asked what I wanted to do, I told them they could leave it at the door. My camera watched them carefully unload the package and even went back and wiped the box off! So far I am very happy with the delivery, and sooner than expected

    John Ohalek


  • Susan Barth

    I have chronic, acute allergies and asthma and I won’t leave my home without my nose filters. I’ve been using them for three years straight and it has given me more freedom than I used to have. Please don’t ever stop selling them!!! TY

    Susan Barth


  • Peter Bybel

    Love your register covers - received 2 and ordered 3 more Will recommend to my friends Thank you again for this wonderful product

    Peter Bybel


  • Andy Andersom

    Thanks! There is hot water in the house tonight. I received my order in two days and repaired my tankless hot water heater in no time. I can't thank you enough.

    Andy Andersom


  • Emanuel Vickers

    I was a little hesitant to order from this company because it was my first time seeing them. I ordered a new combi boiler because they had the best price. The item was damaged when I received it and their return policy stated that any damages should be taken up with the carrier. I was going to keep it because I didn't want to go through hassle of a UPS claim. After further inspection, I noticed the LCD screen was scratched/broken. I was now forced to create a claim with UPS. I submitted the claim and then sent an email to GadgetsGo with pics and that I created the claim with UPS. Ross call me within 5 minutes of the email and let me know that they would handle the pickup of the old unit and send out a new one. That was a pleasant surprise. FIVE STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

    Emanuel Vickers


  • Al Caron

    Just received my order today. Awesome response from your establishment. I love the register covers and they fit like a glove and as designed. Happy New Year to all involved.

    Al Caron


  • Sandy Beitel

    We ordered products and delivery was to be in 5-7 business days and we received ours in 2. Product is perfect and arrival was extremely fast.

    Sandy Beitel

    Ogle County IL 911 12-19-2017

  • Paula Shaffer

    Had great customer service after a snafu with the shipping address....still arrived on time, packaging was great, and product received in order appears in good shape.

    Paula Shaffer

    Home 12-12-2017


    Paula, it was a pleasure having you as a customer of GadgetsGo.com. Please let us know if we can assist you further at 305-791-1101
  • Randi Jandt

    Shipping was super-fast! Placed order on Thursday afternoon and got it Monday morning: and we are in the boondox! Packaged well to prevent damage. Real person answered at customer service. I would use this company again!

    Randi Jandt



    Thank you for your positive feedback, Randi. Please let me know anytime we can help you again.
  • Charles Hampton

    Very good customer service. Product delivered as promised. I ordered 2 and have not installed yet. Looks pretty easy and no problems expected.

    Charles Hampton



    Hi Charles, that's great to hear! Spread the word about how Gadgets Go from GadgetsGo.com. We're at 305-791-1101 if we can assist you again.
  • Alex

    Excellent customer support, order had a small issue, but was solved in no time Thank you!


    SFNG 08-29-2017

  • Amanda Heard

    I purchased an A/C DraftShield which is an air vent cover. I used to sit in my office and freeze all day from the A/C constantly blowing straight down on me. Thankfully I found this draftshield on GadgetsGo.com and am more than pleased that I bought it. I highly reccomend GadgetsGo. They kept in contact with me during shipping and yy item arrived on time& was well packaged. Now I am enjoying being at my desk and am not frozen while working! Thank you so very much for this awesome Gadget!

    Amanda Heard

    Briggs Equipment 08-29-2017


    Hi Amanda, that's great to hear! Spread the word about how our A/C DraftShields from GadgetsGo.com. We're at 305-791-1101 if we can assist you again.
  • Jessica Forbes

    Wonderful customer Service. very helpful & informative

    Jessica Forbes

    Forbes Plumbing 04-25-2017


    ❤ Thank you too from GadgetsGo.com! Please let us know if we can assist you further at 305-791-1101 .
  • Vickie

    OMG, customer service was awesome!!!!! Minutes after placing the order for a Chronomite M Instant flow Micro heater, received an email with additional information and a telephone number for questions. Called the number at 7 pm and a person, yes a person answered!!!! Discussed the product, changed the order (at no additional cost) and waited. Two days later the product arrived, which is rare in our rural area. Once installed, had an issue, called support, the woman who assisted was amazing, walking us through every step, resolved the issue and the product worked as described....best customer service ever. Terrific product and made in the USA, BONUS !!!!!




    ★ª"˜¨¨★ª"˜¨¨¯ Thank you, Vickie, for your order with GadgetsGo.com and kind comment. Please let us know at 305-791-1101 if we can help your Gadgets Go.¯¨¨˜"ª★¨¨˜"ª★
  • Chris Johnson

    I had the best experience with Gadgetsgo. I ordered 4 Lotus birthday candles. 3 candles as one set and 1 additional. Within 5 minutes of ordering, I received an email asking me to confirm the order as two of candles were the same color. After I confirmed the order, I receive updated tracking information every day. NEVER had this level of service from any other companies. I will be ordering lots of stuff from them. 10 stars rating. Thank you Gadgetsgo!!!

    Chris Johnson



    ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you, Chris, for recognizing our extra efforts! Please let us know at 305-791-1101 if we can help your Gadgets Go.
  • Christopher Onyett

    An item was recently out of stock that I had ordered. Rep was very helpful and recommended a similar product. He handled the issue with efficiency and kindness. He set in motion my refund, and I will be back to this site soon. Thank you!!

    Christopher Onyett



    Thanks, Chris from the place where gadgets go. Please let us know anytime we can help you.
  • Richard Junkins

    I ordered a shower head that was basically like a tankless water heater for my RV about five minutes after placing my order Ross calls me and lets me know that they get A lot of returns on this particular item. He then suggested to me that it would be a better idea to get a small water heater for my RV and so I decided to go with a 2.5 gallon water heater. Ross went above and beyond what any other company I've seen to make sure that I got what I needed and there was even a problem with the address at the post office so he contacted me to let me know. The problem was solved and my water heater will be here tomorrow. I have to say excellent customer service!

    Richard Junkins



    We are humbled by your kind comments, Richard.
  • Steve

    The salesperson was very courteous and professional on the phone .




    Thank you, Steve. Come back and see us any time.
  • Glenn

    Just want to let you know I got the Marey tankless water heater very fast. It was not damaged. It was a pleasure working with you. You were very helpful and helped me get the right product I needed. Thank you very much Glenn




    ★ª"˜¨¨★ª"˜¨¨¯ Hello Glenn! That's how our gadgets go! ¯¨¨˜"ª★¨¨˜"ª★
  • Bill

    the EX65T tankless water heater is working fine, special thanks for the very quick filling of my order.




    You are welcome, Bill. Remember GadgetsGo.com as your water heater supplier.
  • Cinthia

    Wonderful products and great service. Very happy with my purchase!




    Hi Cinthia. Great to hear. Please let me know if I can assist you further.
  • Kris

    Thanks for all your help with my very high maintenance needs!




    My duty, Kris!
  • Jeremy

    I was actually in touch with FitDesk earlier and they said they would send me a replacement part -- and I will let you know how that works out. Thank you very much for your prompt response!




    Thank you for your positive feedback, Jeremy.
  • Harry

    Your dealing with my situation has been brilliant and I appreciate that very much. What goes around comes around. I believe in karma. Best regards, Harry.




    Thank you Harry. Please let us know if I can assist you further.
  • Kelsi

    Thank you so much for looking out for me! I actually don't need it by Christmas day, as I will be spending Christmas with my family and having Christmas with my boyfriend this weekend (sorry if that TMI). I only need the gift by Friday if possible! Thanks again, Kelsi




    That's how our GadgetsGo! Please let me know if I can assist you further.