U-Can Reusable Beverage/Soda/Beer Can Opener, Cover (2-pack)


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Open cans easier with U-Can.
No more broken fingernails. No more hassle trying to get underneath the tab to open the can.

Plus, U-Can seals the opening to prevents spills and debris falling in.

U-Can Reusable Beverage/Soda/Beer Can Opener, Cover (2-pack)

1. Slide U-Can under tab.

U-Can Reusable Beverage/Soda/Beer Can Opener, Cover (2-pack)

2. Fold U-Can up.

3. Rotate U-Can around
    to closed position.

4. Push toward center of can.

U-Can Reusable Beverage/Soda/Beer Can Opener, Cover (2-pack)
5. Fold U-Can under to
    create sippy cup.

U-Can Reusable Beverage/Soda/Beer Can Opener, Cover (2-pack)

Choose from these colors (clockwise beginning with the upper left corner):

• Dark blue
• Light blue
• Orange
• Red
• Yellow
• Lavender

 Helps avoid spills.       
 Reusable. Easy to use.                        
 Bugs and dirt stay out.
 Your drink stays in.

The U-Can is a 3-in-1 tool for use on all tab-opening food and beverage cans. On beverage cans, the U-Can opens the can with ease, with less difficulty of getting underneath and lifting up the tab. It helps prevent breaking your fingernail. Easier for kids to open.

After U-Can opens the can, then you can rotate U-Can to cover the can opening. This will reduce spills and eliminate bugs and dirt from falling in your drink.

Also, you can tuck the tab under the U-Can to create the world's first "sippy can". Yes, get the same type of spill safety as a sippy cup.

On food cans, the U-Can grips the tab and pulls the top off without the risk of getting cut on sharp edges, and damaging fingernails. U-Can will fit any size can.

Made in AmericaFeatures

  •  Works as a can opener, sippy can and can cover 
  •  Fits all types of cans: coffee, beer soda, juice, energy, and even food cans
  •  Increases the time that your drink has its fizz (carbonation)
  •  Available in packs of two
  •  Mark your own can with a color U-Can.
  •  Manufactured and packaged in the USA.
  •  Made from recyclable plastic
  •  FDA approved

Dimensions on the Ucan are 49mm x 35mm including the tab (tongue piece that sticks out). Imprint dimensions must fit onto the smaller, available surface. 

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