Sink Magic Drain Plug, Dishwashing Aid


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Save time and water with this simple, eco-friendly gadget

Portable sink plugSink Magic lets you soak your dishes and pots in soapy water in the sink to loosen food. This greatly reduces cleaning time. Then when you return to clean the dishes, you can run the water in the filled sink without overflowing.

If you use a sink plug alone, as you wash your dishes, you'll have to repeatedly move the heavy load of dishes from the top of the sink plug to drain the dirty water. What a hassle!

Instead with Sink Magic Sink Water Diverter, you can keep the water running. Sink Magic will automatically drain the water. That's because Sink Magic is a hybrid stopper with a drain. It routes the drain 5 to 8 inches higher (since it is adjustable), and prevents the water from overflowing as you run the water. Save time with uninterrupted cleaning by eliminating the need to reposition your dishes and sink plug.

Sink Magic lets you wash your dishes fast and easy. Save minutes or hours each day. For many people, time is money.

Why get a Sink Magic Portable Sink Water Diverter?

SinkMagic improves people's lives in four ways.

Time savings: With soaking, Sink Magic greatly reduces the amount of scrubbing that your plates need.
Money savings: You won't need disposable plates when Sink Magic makes dish washing a quicker and easier chore. That can save you a lot of money in a year.
Convenience: Sink Magic turns the very mundane chore of dishwashing into quick, easy work.
Eco-Friendliness: If one million environmentally-conscious people used SinkMagic to save 40 gallons of water daily, we would save 14.6 billion gallons of water each year.


• Shortens your dishwashing time without compromising cleanliness.
• No time? Just soak the dishes and come back later.
• Wash your dishes whenever you feel like it.
• Works with leaky sink faucets; no need to buy a new one.
• Simple and easy to use.
• Helps you clean your dishes quickly and efficiently.
• More easily clean large pots and pans.
• Lets you continue rinsing so the basin water is cleaner and your dishes don't sit in dirty, greasy water.
• Makes cleaning the sink easier after dishwashing.
• Reduces your dish washing cleaning time by half.


Materials: Polypropylene Intake, Accordion, and Housing. TPE or Thermo Plastic Elastomer Plug Seal and Oring seals
Weight: 284 grams/10 oz
Dimension when shipped and assembled by customer: Overall height: 13.25 inches. Width of plug: 3.25 to 3.75 inches. Intake: 2.5 inches
Compressed height (after the middle accordion piece is boiled and compressed, then immersed in cold water: 11.75 inches

Clean dishes easily

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Sink Magic save me time?

The soapy water filled sink basin created by Sink Magic lets you to submerge dirty plates which soften the food residues and incorporate more water to assist with the cleaning process.

Can Sink Magic protect from me biological contamination?

SinkMagic can reduce biological contamination if you follow these sanitation techniques.

1. Plug 'N Go: Use this method if you wash your dishes immediately after meals. After washing, drain all the water you used and clean your sink. Then unplug, clean, and air-dry your SinkMagic. This method eliminates contamination from spoiled food residue.

2. Plug 'N Soak: Use this method if you are going to wash dirty dishes later. Give your dishes an initial soak, unplug the drain to get rid of the dirty water, re-install the device, then run some hot water with a few drops of soap and disinfectant liquid. Just remember that it's a bad idea to leave piles of dirty dishes on the sink for 10 hours or more.

3. Dishwasher Helper: After performing either the Plug 'N Go or Plug 'N Soak, you can put your dishes in the dishwasher for a shorter final rinse with a heat cycle. This is best if you're really concerned about bacterial contamination.

We do not recommend Sink Magic if leave your dishes on the sink for more than 10 hours without following any of the three techniques outlined above.

Why is it difficult to push my new Sink Magic plug into my sink?

Since the plug flap is new, it may require some extra force the first few times. You can break it in (like a new pair of shoes) by applying a small amount of liquid soap on the bottom plug before insertion.

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