Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heat Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers

Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heat Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers

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Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heater Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers
Example of our vent cover being
attached to an aluminum vent

Eliminate drafts with Elima-Draft

See FAQ below for size selection instructions.

Easy to install over aluminum or steel vents.
No tools required. Installs and removes in seconds.

On aluminum vents, high-powered magnets positioned under the covers strongly hold to the vent's steel screws. No need for clips, fasteners, strings or Velcro straps.
On steel vents, the powerful magnets hold to the vent's metal.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will like the Elima-Draft. If you are not 100% satisfied, just return it within 30 days and get a full refund for the cost of the product not including shipping.

Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heater Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers
Blends in well. Improves interior
appearance by covering less
appealing vents

Well-made and blends in well

Elima-Draft is made from ABS plastic and foil bubble insulation for maximum draft protection and better heat loss prevention. It is reusable, light-weight, durable, paintable and blends well with the decor of your home or office.

In any season, Elima-Draft stops unwanted air flow through vents/registers/diffusers.

In the winter, save money by stopping leaky vents

Your money is escaping through your registers. The vents and registers in your home waste huge amounts energy during winter. The EPA reports that the average home experiences about 20% heat loss through inefficient, faulty and leaky HVAC ventilation ducts. Elima-Draft Vent Covers significantly reduce heating loss by covering up interior A/C and heating vents. Your vents are where heat loss mostly occurs, so covering them will save you up to 10% on your energy bill annually.

In the summer, save energy by blocking off vents in seldom-used rooms

Are you losing money by cooling or heating a room that you don't usually use? Lower your energy bills by installing vent covers and closing the door. Removing and attaching Elima-Draft vent covers takes a few seconds.

Live free of cold drafts

The uncovered register in the photo on the left shows the vent temperature of 51.8°F. With the Elima-Draft cover, the ambient temperature increased to 66.1°F in just 22 seconds, as shown in the picture on the right. That's an instant savings of 14.3°F of previously lost cooling!

Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heater Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers

Thermal image of an uncovered vent

Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heater Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers

Thermal image of the same vent
with an Elima-Draft cover


Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heater Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers
Elima-Draft is a certified Energy Star Partner
and endorsed by a New York State Home
Inspector and Energy Star Home Rater.
Made in America


  •  Saves you up to $25 each month
  •  Eliminates A/C cooling loss and furnace heat loss
  •  Eliminates bothersome drafts from leaky vents
  •  Stop air flow into vacant rooms
  •  Eliminates mold-producing condensation and moisture
  •  Reusable year after year
  •  Easy to install
  •  Keeps vents cleaner
  •  Paintable
  •  Save energy, conserve electricity for home heating

Available sizes. See FAQ for other vent sizes and types.

    Vent Type
Model Vent/Register Size (edge-to-edge) Steel Aluminum
ELMDFT9A 9" x 9" - yes
ELMDFT11A 11" x 11" - yes
ELMDFT13A 13" x 13" - yes
ELMDFT8S from 7 1/4" to 8 3/4" yes -
ELMDFT10S from 9 1/4" to 10 3/4" yes -
ELMDFT12S from 11 1/4" to 12 3/4" yes -
ELMDFT4X1A Fits vents any size from 12" x 6" to 14" x 8" including 12x8" and 14x6" yes yes
ELMDFTCOMSLD3471 24" x 24" (Scroll to Related Gadget section below.)   yes
Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heat Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heat Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heat Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers
Example of aluminum register Examples of steel registers
Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heat Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers

Example of rectangular vent. ELMDFT4X1A will
cover vents from 6" x 12" through 8" x 14"


Frequently Asked Questions

Which size should I buy?

Buy the same size cover as your register. For example, if the register measures 9"x 9" from edge to edge, then buy a 9"x9" cover.

My vents measure edge-to-edge a little larger than shown in the table above (for example 11.25" x 11.25"). What size should I buy?

Buy the size that is a little smaller than your vent. The Elima-Draft will still contact and seal between the edge of the vent and the opening of the vent. The cover will contact and seal on top of the vent itself. Therefore, our cover will completely cover all the openings of the vent. With this method, the edges of our cover won't contact the ceiling. Instead, the insulation will compress over the metal portion of the register, forming a seal. Specific examples:
• For a 11.25" x 11.25" aluminum vent, buy the ELMDFT11A.
• For a 13.5" x 13.5" aluminum vent, buy the ELMDFT13A.
• For a 14"x8", or 14"x6", or 12"x6", or 12"x8" aluminum or steel vent, buy the ELMDFT4X1A.

How do your covers attach to the register grilles?

High-powered, neodymium magnets are mounted on the inside surface of each Elima-Draft cover. These special magnets many times stronger than standard magnets. The magnets securely hold to the steel vent or the steel screws of the aluminum vent. This allows you to install the covers in just seconds, not hours. Easy on, easy off.

My vents are plastic and the screws are recessed below the surface of the vent. It doesn't look like the Elima-Draft magnets will come into contact with the screws. What can I do?

Elima-Draft covers to fit your plastic vents which are called Airtech vents
Airtech vent with the four additional screws fastened to it, as instructed above.

Your plastic vents are probably called Airtech vents. Here is how to make the Elima-Draft covers to work. Near to the existing screws, simply screw in one new screw halfway between the each of the outer edges of the vent (as shown in the picture below). Use 1/2" self-tapping lath screws. Now Elima-Draft's specially powerful magnets will hold to the screws. Thousands of customers have successfully modified their Airtechs this way.

For Airtechs, order the cover for aluminum vents. Choose the size that matches the measurements to the outside edges of your vent. For example, if your Airtech measures 11"x11", then order the ELMDFT11A.

My vents are different than any described on this page. Do you have a cover for me?

Yes: Our A/C Draftshields gadget may work. Here are examples of vents that will NOT work with Elima-Draft:

• 15.5" x 15.5"
• 16" x 7"
• 13.5" x 13.5" steel
• round

Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heater Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers
Example of an air return/intake vent, 16" x 32"

If your larger vent is a return/intake air vent, with an air filter inside, then buy our Insertable Seal for Air Return/Vents in the Related Gadgets section below.

My vent is flat or nearly flush with the ceiling or wall. Will your covers work?
The covers won't reach the vent screws.

1. Try these solutions:
1.1. If the screws are too far away from covers, then you can add more magnets. Purchase them in the Related Gadgets section below.
1.2. Unscrew or "back out" the screws about one turn to bring them closer to the magnets.
1.3. Add nickel-plated #8 steel finishing washers to the vent cover screws. Tighten each screw until the head is flush with the washer surface. This provides more steel for the magnets to attract to. Do not use stainless steel finishing washers as they do not have enough magnetic metal.

2. Regardless of whether the flat profile diffuser is aluminum or steel, order the cover for aluminum vents.

What are the actual dimensions of the covers?

Aluminum vent cover dimensions are 1/8" larger than the corresponding part number. For example, the ELMDFT11A is 11 1/8" x 11 1/8". The ELMDFT4X1A is 14 1/8" x 8 1/8".

Steel vent cover dimensions: ELMDFT8S: 9"x9". ELMDFT10S: 11"x11". ELMDFT12S: 13"x13" 

The depth/height distance from inside surface to top edge surface of the covers:
▇ 8S, 9A, 10S, 11A and 12S covers (solid & filtration): 1"
▇ 13A cover (solid & filtration): 7/8"
▅ ELMDFT4X1A cover (solid & filtration): 3/4"

The distance from the magnets to the top edge surface of the 13A cover is 1/2". 

The weight of the solid 13A cover is 11 oz.

My vents AND screws are aluminum, not steel. Will your covers work?

Yes! Simply change the aluminum screws to steel screws. Now, Elima-Draft's powerful, neodymium magnets will firmly hold the covers in place, even when the air is blowing against them.

I can't believe that these won't blow off just like the Deflecto or Thermwell flexible magnetic covers. How do they stay on?

Elima-Draft covers will NOT blow off while your A/C or furnace is blowing, or ever, if you first close the vent louvers. They are held with industrial-strength neodymium/rare earth magnets. Plus they are light. The 13x13" cover is only 11 ounces.

Why should I cover my register grilles/grates?

The EPA reports that the average residential home loses up to 20% of indoor heat through leaky, faulty or poorly made air-conditioning ducts, air supply ducts and return air registers. Elima-Draft covers eliminate heat loss right where it begins: at the vents. Elima-Draft covers create a barrier that keeps cold air out and warm air in. Independent testing reports that the average homeowner can save up to 10% on their home energy bill annually.

Can I use Elima-Draft covers to stop unwanted odors, cigarette smoke and smells from entering the room through the vents?

Yes, many of our customers report that they work great to do that.

I have modern vents at home (or) my home was recently built. Should I still cover them?

Yes, you can benefit by covering your ventilation grills, old or new. Modern vents have louvers: open spaces with movable slanted pieces that control air flow. Even when closed, they are far from an air-tight seal. They still allow a great volume of heated air to escape into the ducts, and cold air to travel down into your living area. Both result in energy losses. Additionally, most vents are made of metal, a conductive material. In winter, the cold metal conducts throughout your home to help refrigerate your living area, resulting in higher heating bills.

Homes that have a separate space heating system and air conditioning system are particularly susceptible to this problem. During the winter, cold air falls through the A/C registers into the room. And, warm air escapes through the same. Covering them with Elima-Draft will stop your heated room air from escaping.

How do I paint my Elima-Draft vent covers?

1. Clean the cover using a dry sponge with a small amount of dish soap. Rinse it off with clean water and dry the surface with paper towels. Set the cover aside for about half an hour to completely dry.
2. With a fine-grade sandpaper, gently abrade the surface but don't scratch it. The surface should no longer feel "glass-smooth" after you're done. ABS doesn't require any primer paint.
3. Apply any solvent-based (not latex) paint using a paintbrush in thin layers. Make sure each layer is dry before applying the next. Read the instructions that come with the paint for more information.

Finish insulating your home

You have thousands of dollars worth of insulation in your attic, walls, doors and windows. Don't forget the leaky vents! Elima-Draft provides instant savings and added comfort. If you want to save money and live draft-free, Elima-Draft is a necessity: It costs you not to have it. Elima-Draft vent covers are a environmentally-friendly, green and affordable energy saving solution that makes daily living easier and more comfortable. The insulation value for the covers is R-6.

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5 Most useful customer reviews
wayne gutschow
Feb 13, 2017
This customer purchased this item.
After removing about a quart of condensed water from several of my attic A/C flex ducts this winter (and replacing them because of the mold growth), I knew I had to find a solution to keep moist warm air from the house from finding its way up into the attic ductwork. The Elima-Draft register covers were exactly what I needed. I actually considered making them myself before finding these and after buying them I can't say I'd do it any differently. They saved me a lot of construction time.

Advantages: Easy install with magnets. Close fit for vapor trapping. Insulated to keep cold in the attic and not the house. Clean looking. Two of the six covers I ordered were the wrong size (my fault, I didn't realize two of my registers were larger), Gadgetsgo promptly exchanged them.

Disadvantages: Can't think of any.
Loading...Was this review useful to you? Yes (1) / No (0)
Feb 9, 2017
This customer purchased this item.
Great product, fills a serious need.

Advantages: Stops Winter drafts from vents (none close completely).
Looks nice.
Easy installation.

Disadvantages: Absolutely none.
Loading...Was this review useful to you? Yes (1) / No (0)
John Anthony
Jan 5, 2017
This customer purchased this item.
Super fast shipping and I ended up ordering 3 more sets because they worked so good!
Loading...Was this review useful to you? Yes (1) / No (0)
Julie G.
Jan 4, 2017
This customer purchased this item.
Works Great. Stops the draft from the vents.
Loading...Was this review useful to you? Yes (0) / No (0)
Sep 23, 2016
This customer purchased this item.
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