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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Gadget shipping cost estimate

Q1: Can I get a quick shipping cost estimate without registering? 

A1: Yes! Just:
    1. Go to the gadget detail page. (It's the page that shows the blue or green "Add to Cart" button.).
    2. Click the "Add to Cart" button, then "View Cart" button.
    3. Your browser will now show the Shopping cart. Scroll down just a bit and see the "Specify Destination" button.
    4. Click it.

Note! Due to the pandemic, as of March 2020, FedEx, USPS and UPS have suspended service guarantees. Therefore, if a delivery such as UPS Next Day Air is delivered late, there is no refund. See the carrier's website for details.

change gadget order

Q2: Can I change my order after I placed it?

A2: We will try and reply with the results. Find your emailed receipt and reply to it stating your issue, so all info is together. Can't find your receipt? Look in your Spam/Junk/Bulk folder.

gadget order processing time

Q3: How much time does it take for GadgetsGo to process an order before the shipping company (USPS, UPS, etc.) gets it?

A3: About 99% of orders ship within one business day. For that cantankerous 1%. we'll notify you by email of any delay.

Need it to ship out on the SAME DAY or RUSH? Choose our RUSH ORDER service. This speeds up the order processing part, not the transit time part. Again: Our Rush order service is not a shipment method. To speed up the transit time part (i.e., get an earlier delivery day), choose a faster shipment method on the Checkout page.

Q4: I need to give you some special delivery instructions. How?

A4: If you want to get the carrier to do something special when the deliver it, then DO NOT put it in the Special Order Instructions at the bottom of the Secure Checkout page. Instead, here are two ways to do it:
4.1. When placing your order on the Secure Checkout page, on your shipping address, click Edit, and add the instructions to the Address 2 section after typing ** (two asterisks).

For example, if you want them to leave it behind the bush, type: ** LEAVE BEHIND BUSH

4.2. Send the instructions directly to the carrier. For USPS do it here and with UPS do it here. For FedEx, do it here.

Other than the shipping label ** note method, we have no method of communicating your delivery instructions to the carrier driver. 

when will my gift order arrive

Q5: Is it there yet....Is it there yet??? (How long until I get my order?)

For shipments within 
the USA:
USPS First Class Mail, UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground/Home: The gadgets we sell ship from many different locations around the USA. Therefore, depending on your shipment destination, your order may arrive in one to five business days.
• USPS Priority Mail: USPS quotes one to three days for delivery, not including Sunday nor holidays, depending on the destination, according to
For shipments outside the USA:
 You must ADD time for customs clearance. Customs officials in your country may hold the package for inspection for days or weeks. We have absolutely no control over them, and cannot do anything to make them work faster.
 The shipping fee is for shipping only. Upon delivery, you may need to pay additional fees for import duties, taxes, customs fees. These additional fees are levied by the government of the destination country, and we have no control over them, nor can we quote or predict what they will be. Customs clearance/brokerage is handled by your customs broker.
USPS First Class Mail International ("FCMI") is the lowest cost, slowest and most limited service. USPS does not quote any estimated delivery time according to However, in our experience, FCMI delivery usually takes 14 to 21 days, and sometimes as long as two months. 
• USPS Priority Mail International: According to, delivery takes 6 to 10 business days (8 to 16 calendar days).

Q6: How can I see my order's progress and status after I place my order?

A6: 1. In most cases, we will email your tracking number AFTER we see a confirmation that the item was scanned by the carrier. Orders shipped with USPS may be scanned a day or two after we deliver it to them, not including Sundays and holidays. Plus, it may take up to 8 hours for the scan to appear on the web.
    2. Didn't get the tracking email? First, check your Spam/Junk or Gmail Promotions tab. If it's not there, see if the tracking number was created by going to your order status page here.
3. If you still don't see the tracking on your order status page, then we have not received the tracking from the warehouse. It may be a special order item that takes longer to ship.

 USPS First Class Mail International and Priority Mail International usually do not provide in-transit updates as frequently as with USPS domestic mail, UPS or FedEx. For international, a lookup may only return something like "Electronic Shipping Info Received" until delivery.

I can't find my order email

Q7: I received but lost my email with the order receipt. How can I get it?

A7: Click here, login if necessary, then under "Search Results", click the link for your order, then you will see your receipt that you can print.

Q8: I never got my email with the order receipt. How can I get it?

A8: One of two ways:
1. You might actually have it now. If your email service mistook the order email for spam, then it's in your Spam/Junk folder or Gmail Promotions tab. Please look for it there now. Then, to make sure you get our upcoming tracking email, follow these instructions now to whitelist us: Click here. Then in the Google search bar next to "whitelist email address", type in your email client (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL, etc.). Then, click on the result for your email client and follow those instructions.
2. You gave us a bad email address. If you think that happened, then click here to login. Then on the left column, scroll down to My Account and click Account details. If your email address is incorrect, then in the upper right corner of this page, click Contact Us and tell us what happened.

Q9: Does pay the return shipping cost for returns of defective or new merchandise?

A9: No, however, if you pay to send the item back to the manufacturer, almost always they will ship the replacement to you at no charge. Our complete return policy is here.

time tries to get out of hand

Q10: My item arrived late. Can I get a refund of the shipping charge?

A10: Yes, if you chose a shipment method with a performance guarantee such as USPS Priority Mail Express or UPS Next Day Air. Note that USPS Priority Mail (not Express) includes an estimate only of delivery days on the label, for example, "USPS Priority Mail 2-Day". USPS Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service, and USPS does not offer any refund in case of delivery after the estimate. (Refer to USPS policy here and scroll down to the bottom of the page at #1 of "Disclaimers".) If you wish to have your item delivered with a guarantee and refund if not met, then please choose a shipment method such as USPS Priority Mail Express or UPS Next Day Air. ships to many international countries

Q11: Do you ship to my country (outside the USA)?

A11: Yes! We ship to 183 countries worldwide. Economical shipment methods are USPS First Class Mail International (for shipments under 4 lbs. and 1.81 kg) and if heavier, then with USPS Priority Mail International or USPS Priority Mail International Express. Get a shipping cost by going to the checkout page and inputting your delivery address. Please read FAQ #4 above about international shipments.

Q12: I added 3 items to my cart and I am not getting the quantity discount. 

A12: Do you have different styles (we call them variants) of the same item in your cart? By design, the quantity discounts are not applied across different variants. We offer the quantity discounts for the same variant because of the efficiency of shipping the exact same item.