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Inventors, Manufacturers: Sell Your Gadgets, Products, Inventions Here

Welcome to the GadgetsGo Product Sales Program

GadgetsGo is a fast-growing, specialty, online store where innovative gadgets Go! We sell a variety: big and little gadgets, cool and helpful inventions, electronics and low-tech gifts, boring commercial and industrial equipment, big consumer durables, and other products that you wouldn't think of as a gadget, but are quite innovative in any case. Some of the new inventions we sell have been featured on TV shows such as Shark Tank and the Today Show. We are now accepting applications to sell innovative products in any of those categories. was founded by innovation lovers initially to promote gadgets created by small, "garage" inventors. Now, we sell a wide range of wonderful gadgets from small inventors and larger manufacturers. Invention manufacturers and distributors alike love selling on

Advantages of selling with GadgetsGo

→ With GadgetsGo, our team of expert Internet marketers will promote your products directly to your most likely customers. (If you want even more dedicated resources for your promoting your product, then check out our exclusive distribution program.) If you sell on Amazon, you just get a listing. That's all. No one there will do anything to spread the word about your product, and raise its profile in the marketplace.
→ You get exposure to shoppers specifically looking for innovative, cool, helpful, exciting, well-designed gadgets and non-"gadget" products. With GadgetsGo, you are hitching yourself to an online retailer that is fast growing, and getting more popular every day.

The Exclusive Distribution Opportunity

Is your product new or without North American distribution? If so, we have a special program for creating strong demand for products that we distribute exclusively. You will get our dedicated resources for selling and distributing your product(s) in key online and retail stores. If you want us to evaluate your product(s) for this program, let us know using the form below.


We have attracted loyal followers in several categories of gadgets: tankless water heaters (big and small, electric and gas) and related products, industrial and commercial gadgets, consumer gadgets. Get access to our professional customers and consumers with

Manufacturers: Get access to our nationwide network of licensed professionals

In several different vertical markets, we help licensed professionals by providing them with products we distribute. We help them with technical details, and we help them stay in business by providing contractor-level pricing as a distributor. Get access to this super-valuable group of hardworking, hard-to-reach, on-site professionals through


You may have invested a good portion of your life developing your new product. You seek a partner who will sell it with strong volume, plus celebrate its greatness. Apply for us to be your retailer and/or distributor with the form below.

The buried story of small seller failure on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is fine for brands with big marketing budgets. But if you are a small business, selling on Amazon is like a jungle. New products especially get lost in millions of other competing products and keywords. Although Amazon has millions of shoppers, if they don't see you, then you won't sell very much. Another problem: You won't get an account manager, only a phone number to a foreign call center. The person who answers will have practically zero competency in marketing your unique product. So if your product is new, or your marketing budget is not in the millions of dollars, then GadgetsGo has a much better plan.

If you are interested in selling on, or for distribution and fulfillment services, we invite you to submit the form below.

Update: Due to a large increase in inquiries, we are accepting applications only for well-qualified products.

Inventors: It will help us to evaluate your product(s) hands-on. If possible please send a sample of the product(s) you wish to sell to:
1438 Vivaldi Pl
Longwood, Florida. 32779