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About Us

What GadgetsGo is all about, and why shoppers, professionals, and business buyers prefer us...

Since 2010, this is where Gadgets Go to make your life better...when you are building or fixing something, looking to save energy, while you are in your car, shopping for a gift, playing.... Well you get the idea: You can save money and be more productive, relaxed and successful with our gadgets.

Here is why you'll love buying from

  • You get same-day shipment for most gadgets when you place your order before 2 pm. That's much later than most companies. It's even faster than Amazon for many products we sell.
  • Our checkout is super fast and easy, whether you are using an iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows.
  • Got a PayPal account? Login with PayPal on the checkout form, and your info will automatically appear. No need to spend extra time to type in your address, credit card, phone number, and email address.
  • Our product descriptions are super informative and carefully written and continually updated. Amazon, on the other hand, has descriptions that are often a mess, incomplete or inaccurate.
  • We ship worldwide to 183 countries.
  • You get great customer service. Every week we hear from customers about how much they appreciate that we:
    • answer 97% of emails less than 1 hour during business hours
    • actually answer the phone and return phone calls! Now we're ahead of 70% of online stores.
    • answer calls with a staff member who usually can actually help, instead of someone in a call center 10,000 miles away, with a difficult-to-understand accent, who has no idea about the product you want to buy. Now we're ahead of 95% of online stores, including Amazon.

Want proof? Read our customer's comments here.

Tankless water heater specialization

GadgetsGo has specialized in tankless water heaters ("TWH") since our founding in 2010, and our clients are getting the sizing and installation configuration expertise they need. We stock a wide variety of TWH models from the highest-quality and leading manufacturers. Plus, we are partners with nationwide network of contractors who rely on us to procure the products for their jobs.

Odd variety of products

GadgetsGo specializes in many different categories of products. Browse our aisles! Every product we sell is brand new, recently manufactured, and genuine product. Our gadgets come from the really big, established brands, all the way to the gadgets freshly invented by "garage inventors"--people who come up with an idea, add a helping of hope, and bootstrap their way to success. We are introducing them to you here.

Many of the inventions are found nowhere else but here on With the support of us and shoppers like you, these start-up inventors can succeed.

Environmentally conscious

  • Our office is powered with 100% wind energy through Arcadia Power. As of this update on Monday, March 11, 2019, our clean impact from 22,768 clean kWh used was 18.67 tons of CO2 equivalent, according to Arcadia Power.
  • We recycle plastic, paper, metal waste from our office.
  • When we ship from our Miami office, we ship only in previously used but clean cardboard boxes and packing materials. We estimate that we have saved 21 trees and 1008 pounds of COfrom 2010 through 2019.

What do other shoppers think about us?

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So relax, browse around, and buy a neato gadget! Oh yes...Think this is a cool gadget shop? Recruit friends, family and co-workers for our revolution using the sharing links below.

Ready...set..Gadgets GO!