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Elima-Draft Air Vent Filter Replacements Refills, 6-pack

Original price $20.11 - Original price $22.11
Original price
$20.11 - $22.11
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Elima-Draft vent cover replacement filters (pack of 6). In the menu above, just above the green Add to Cart button, you can select the filter size matching your filter cover.

Note the big quantity discount for buying 3 or more six-packs.

Below are the models available.

Elima-Draft Filter Cover Model Description Filter SKU
Filter cover models 8SF and 9AF (ELMDFT8SF3310 and ELMDFT9AF3327) ELMDFT89SAF3372
Filter cover models 12SF and 13AF (ELMDFT12SF3358 and ELMDFT13AF3365) ELMDFT1213SAF3396
Filter cover models 10SF and 11A (ELMDFT10SF3334 and ELMDFT11AF3341) ELMDFT1011SAF3389
Filter cover model 4X1AF (ELMDFT4X1AF3419) ELMDFT4X1RF3426


The rating of this filter media is G3 compliant to EN779.
G3 media will filter particles that are greater than or equal to 10 μm (micrometer/micron).
G3 rating is equivalent to MERV 5 to 6.
G3 filters are the industry standard level of basic air filtration
Filter media thickness: 7 mm
Inflammability class: F3