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Gentle Micro Exfoliants work with Norvell's Natural Actives Sunless Complex to renew, prepare, and polish the skin for the best sunless tanning results, right at your home.

This is better than abrasive exfoliators. Instead, it is a creamy body polisher with gentler, micro-exfoliants to prepare your skin for self-tanning. It feels so good and so gentle that you can it every day. Especially made for use before a tan or between sunless tans.

Exclusive Active Natural Sunless Complex

Unique Dermal Barrier locks moisture within the topmost layer of the skin, priming it for a longer-lasting, deeper, sunless tan.
Soap Free/Sulfate Free formula gently cleanses without stripping off the skin's amino acids to produce a sunless self-tan.
Time Release Micro Capsules keep moisture within the skin, for 24-hour hydration.

Paraben Free • Gluten Free • Sulfate Free • 100% Vegan

Made in AmericaAvailable Sizes: 8.5 fl oz, 2.5 fl oz

Fragrance: Cool Mint

Suggested Usage

The Renewing Sunless Exfoliator may be used any time before self-tanning; however, gently polishing the skin 24 hours before your sunless tanning session will produce optimum results.

In a warm (not hot) water bath or shower, apply a liberal amount of the product onto your washcloth (using your bare hands will lead to undesirable results). Gently massage over your entire body, paying special attention to the feet, elbows, and knees. Rinse well. The formula is gentle enough for facial use, but avoid the eye area.

NOTE: It is important not to over-scrub.

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