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EcoSmart SmartPOOL 27 Electric Pool Heater

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Ecosmart Smart POOL 27

This EcoSmart pool heater provides improved design, functionality and user control over traditional spa heaters and provides users with either a supplement or an alternative to traditional heat pumps.

EcoSmart Pool Heaters performs by making use of the most modern in flow sensor technologies instead of old pressure switch activation methods to reduce the risk of burning elements. This raises longevity life expectancy and reliability. The Smart POOL series comes with a digital thermostat controller, allowing you to set the temperature to the exact point you want. EcoSmart's Pool Heaters are compact, fast and easy to install for existing or new pools.


Phase Single
Voltage 240
Equivalent BTU's 61,000 92,000
kW 18 kW 27 kW
Amperage Draw 75 112.5
Elements Stainless Steel
Required Wire 2 x 8 AWG 3 x 8 AWG
Required Breaker 2 x 40 Amp DP 3 x 40 Amp DP
HZ 50/60
Conduit Size 1"
Min. GPM 3
Pipe Fittings 2"
Temp Rise / Hour 1°F - 1.5°F
Max. GPM 80
Weight 24.25
Max. Temp Setting 104°F
Certifications ETL Listed to UL 1261 & CSA
Dimensions 17" x 14" x 5.5"

2 Years Limited

Sizing Your EcoPOOL

Equation to calculate the capacity of your spa in gallons: average depth x surface area x 7.5

Pool Dimensions EcoPOOL Max. Gallons
12' x 24' x 5' 18 11,000
14' x 28' x 5' 27 15,000

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q1: Does the SmartPOOL include a wired or wireless remote control? I've seen some pics that show it included.
A1: No. The remote was discontinued several years ago. Also, for several years it has not been available for purchase separately.

Q2: Will it corrode easily when used with salt chlorinator?
A2: According to the owner's manual and installation instructions (link below, page 8), proper water treatment chemical levels will not damage the SmartPOOL 27.

Q3: Can it be mounted in outside area where it will be hit with rain?
A3: The unit does not have an IPX weatherproof rating. If you wish to install it outside and exposed to rain, you should install inside an enclosure or under a cover, so that the unit does not get wet, and ensure that electrical building code is followed.

You may also call Ecosmart tech support at 877-474-6473 for more information.

Buying and using a pool cover is strongly recommended

A pool loses heat from evaporative cooling. That's the cooling effect when water evaporates from the surface of the pool. It accounts for about 75% of a pool’s heat loss. And, a pool cover can reduce the heat lost from a pool by approximately 50%, and directly translates into a 50% reduction in your power consumption. That's a dramatic savings in your fuel bill.

In addition to lowering your energy bill, a pool cover will provide a valuable safety by preventing people from falling in accidentally, conserving chemicals, and reducing the load on filter systems by preventing debris from entering the pool.

Installation Help and Recommendations

We recommend that you have a professional pool heater installer review the above recommendations. Need an installer? Get 4 FREE Pool Heater Installation Estimates Now. It's Quick and Easy!
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