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Z-Flex 3", 4", 5" Single Wall Termination Coupling

by Z-Flex
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$40.65 - $47.95
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This termination coupling can be used as the last part of a horizontal venting system if you wish to exhaust straight out the side wall. The product has a screen in order to prevent animals and debris from entering the exhaust system.

Z-Flex stainless steel vent pipe is perfect for the following models: Bosch Therm 940ES, Bosch Therm 660EF, Bosch AquaStar 2700ES, Bosch Therm 830ES, Bosch Evolution 500, Bosch AquaStar 2400ES tankless water heaters and the legacy Bosch Pro 715ES, Bosch AquaStar 2400E, AquaStar 250SX, AquaStar 240FX, AquaStar 125FX, Bosch Pro 635ES, Takagi TK1, TK2, TKD20, TKJR, TK1S, and TM1 tankless water heaters.

It is designed for use with high efficiency gas and oil heaters, boilers and water heaters where cool flue gases come out under pressure. Z-Vent features a built-in, fail-safe gasket and a locking band connection. No sealant is neseccary.

Termination Coupling has been designed to Weil-McLain specifications.

Made in AmericaFeatures

• Vent material: AL29-4C stainless steel
• Certification: Tested to meet or exceed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) spec UL1738 and ULS636
• Approval: Category I (vertical only, Cat II, III, IV venting
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


Z-Vent SVE Series IV Installation and Maintenance Instructions, 3" to 24", Single & Double Wall

Z-Vent Dimensional Specifications