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Z-Flex Steep Slope 30-45 Degree (7-12 to 12-12 Pitch) Roof Flashing

by Z-Flex
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$59.95 - $93.64
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Z-Vent Steep Adjustable Roof Flashing, single wall for various diameters

Adjustable from 30° to 45° (7/12 to 12/12) pitch

Use this flashing for steep-sloped roofs with pitches 45 degrees and greater. Look in the Related Gadgets tab below to get the Top Support / Storm Collar to make a weatherproof seal.

Partial list of compatible tankless water heaters:
Bosch Therm 940ES, 830ES, 660EF, AquaStar 2700ES, 2400ES, 2400E, 250SX, Evolution 500, Bosch Pro 715ES, Pro 635ES.

Also for use with boilers, high-efficiency oil and gas burning heaters and water heaters that have cool flue gases vented under pressure.

When compared to PVC, PEX, CPVC, and other resin based materials, Z-Flex has lower thermal expansion and contraction. This provides greater resistance to stress, corrosion, and cracking.

Made in AmericaFeatures:

• Simple gasketed connection requires no sealant
• Offers the highest pressure rating available today
• The only metallic special gas vent that can be cut to desired length on site for a perfect fit
• Smooth finish and excellent fit with new fusion-welded pipe seams
• Compatible with all Z-Flex Z-Vents
• Vent material: AL29-4C stainless steel
• Certification: Tested to meet or exceed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) spec UL1738 and ULS636
• Approval: Cat II, III, IV venting
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


Z-Vent SVE Series IV Installation and Maintenance Instructions, 3" to 24", Single & Double Wall

Z-Vent Dimensional Specifications