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Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater

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Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water HeaterThe Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Heater is the bestselling and original portable propane water heater in the market today.

Get instant, unlimited hot water wherever you are.

The Eccotemp Portable L5 Tankless Heater is perfect for cabins, campsites, and homes. Take a hot shower, wash your car, give your pets a bath, or even wash your boat.

Add the Eccotemp Portable L5 Tankless Heater to a pressure washer to get even better cleaning.

Ignition is with 2 "D" cell batteries. Great for off grid use or in other areas where there is limited or no electricity supply.

The system also works flawlessly on modified water systems like a 12-volt pump.

Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater

Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater
Heat shield shown is not included.

Convenient Features

• Portable
• 37,500 BTU
• Battery igniter means that no electrical service is required
• Dimensions: 14.5" high, 11.5" wide, 4.5" deep
• Weight is approximately 12 lbs.
• Recommended water pressure operating range: 20 to 80 PSI
• Manual water temperature controls
• Water-controlled ignition: Water pressure between 20 PSI and 80 PSI and flow rate between 0.75 GPM and 1.0 GPM activates ignition.
• Gas and water incoming and outgoing connections are 1/2" NPS (National Pipe Thread Straight not tapered)
• One-year manufacturer warranty for heater. 30-day warranty for accesssories (showerhead, hose, gas regulator).

Safety Features

• 20 minute automatic safety shutoff timer. Heater can be started again immediately, or when the showerhead water flow is turned off and on again.
• Gas flow automatically stops when flame goes out
• Gas flow automatically stops when water stops flowing
• Drain valve to aid in waterway removal to protect the heater from damage in freezing temperatures

This unit needs the following clearances away from flammable material: 2" behind the unit, 1 ft. to the right and left of the unit, 3 ft. from a window or from an overhang, and 18" above the ground.

Unit includes:

• L5 portable propane water heater
• On/Off shower head with multiple spray patterns
• CSA regulator with 42" hose for use with 10 to 100 lb propane tanks (including 20 lb barbecue grill type tanks)
• Garden hose adapter

Temperature Increase Per GPM of Incoming Water Flow

  0.5 GPM 1.0 GPM 1.5 GPM 2.0 GPM
Highest Gas Setting 96°F 48°F 32°F 25°F
Lowest Gas Setting 34°F 17°F 11°F 9°F


Click here for the instruction manual and warranty

Frequently Asked Question ("FAQ")

Q1: What is the purpose of the On/Off switch at the bottom of the unit?
A1: It allows you to have water flow through the unit without the water being heated. Turning off the gas regulator will achieve the same effect.

Q2: What is the purpose of the flat, angled piece of metal that is attached to the top and back of the heater?
A2: This part was a vent hood, and is no longer shipped with the L5. When it was included, its only purpose was to reflect heat forward.

Q3: How do I add the high temperature sensor?
A3: Inside the unit, at the top right-hand corner is the original sensor. Remove it and replace with the new sensor. For further assistance, please contact Eccotemp at

Q4: Is it possible to use the the small Coleman-type propane canisters, or the 1 lb camp stove size bottles as a fuel source?
A4: Yes. Simply use an adapter for the regulator to convert the standard connection to the smaller thread size. These adapters are not included, but available elsewhere at most hardware or outdoor supply stores.

Q5: How long will a 20 lb tank last as the fuel source for this heater?
A5: One of our customers reported that a 20 lb tank lasted one month for two or three showers per day. Or, that's one shower per day for two to three months.