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Marey GA5PORT Portable Outdoor LP Propane Tankless Water Heater, Showerhead

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$179.00 - $183.95
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Marey Tankless Water Heaters

Go anywhere with this small, light, portable tankless water heater.

Going camping this summer? Traveling around? Going off-grid? Here's your water heater.

The Marey Power Gas Portable saves water while consuming up to 60% less energy than conventional tank water heaters, which makes it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Marey White Portable LP Gas Tankless Water HeaterFeatures

• Will last for a lifetime, with up to 87% efficiency
• Rustproof, no leaks, no water loss
• No electrical connection needed
• Compact design saves space
• Easy installation just about anywhere
• Provides unlimited water
• Water heating activates the moment the faucet is opened.
• Top handle is removable.
• Best-in-class 5-year warranty


• Water heater
• Gas regulator
• Hand shower nozzle with On/Off Control
• 43" hose attached to hand shower nozzle
• 1/2" NPT to garden hose adapter
• Mounting screws

Technical Specifications

BTU per hour 35,000
Pipe Fitting Sizes 1/2" NPT for both incoming and outgoing water & gas
Activation Flow Rate Steady flow of 2.2 LPM (0.58 GPM)
Maximum Flow Rate 5 LPM (1.4 GPM)
Gas Type Liquid Propane
Rated Gas Pressure
2800 Pa
Safety Features

Automatic shutoff after 20 minutes. Timer resets each time operation stops or the shower head is turned off and back on.
Automatic ignition, anti-dry combustion protection, over-pressure, overheating and flameout protection

Applicable Water Pressure 3.6 to 145.0 PSI (.025 to 1.0MPa)
Ignition Electric pulse with two D-cell batteries (not included)
DOE Energy Factor (EF Rating) Regulation 10 CFR 430.32(d) Compliance 0.90

11.4" wide x 14.25" high x 5.0" deep
The height dimension is of the heater body. The height from the top of the top mounting bracket to the bottom of the bottom mounting bracket is 16.25".
The height from the top of the handle to the bottom of the bottom mounting bracket is 20.75".
The depth of 5.0 inches is at the widest part of the heater body. The brackets add 0.5".

Weight 12 lbs

Temperature Increase (in ºF)

Output in GPM 0.5
With highest gas setting 96 48 32 25
With lowest gas setting 34 17 11 9

*Highest gas setting for winter and higher incoming water temperatureMarey White Portable LP Gas Tankless Water Heater
*Lowest gas setting for summer and lower incoming water temperature

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