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Marey Power Pak Plus 220v POU Water Heater

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Marey Tankless Water HeatersThe Marey Power Pak Plus is the most flexible, adaptable point of use electric on-demand water heater currently available.

Not sure how many amps you have available? Or, you know, but need flexibility on how many amps the heater will pull? With a simple dial on the front, the Power Pak Plus allows you to set the heater's amperage according to your home's 10 Amp, 20 Amp, 30 Amp or 40 Amp circuit breakers. The unique design also has another dial which controls the water flow. It maximizes your energy savings all year around.

Marey Tankless Water HeatersFeatures

• Ideal for a point of use water heating
• Saves significant water, electricity and space
• Requires very little water pressure for activation
• Easy management and simple adjustments
• Filter in the water inlet protects the unit from damaging sediments
• 5-year warranty

Technical Specifications

Marey Power Pak Plus 110v/220v POU Water Heater

Voltage 110V (discontinued) 220V
Power 1.1kW to 4.4kW 2.2kW to 8.8kW
Amperage 10A to 40A, single pole breaker 10A to 40A double pole breaker
Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Wire Gauge 8 AWG
Water Pressure
0.55 Bar (8 PSI) to 6.37 Bar (92.365 PSI)
Maximum Flow Rate 2 GPM 3 GPM
Dimensions 11.1" x 10.2" x 4.8"
Weight 7 lbs
Inlet Pipe size 1/2" NPT
Outlet Pipe size 1/2" NPT
Cover material ABS plastic
Heating element material Copper
Certification ISO 9001


Water Heat-up Capability

110v (discontinued)

Water Output in GPM Temperature Setting
1 2 3 4
0.75 11°F 25°F 36°F 50°F
1.0 -- 18°F 30°F 40°F
1.25 -- 14°F 23°F 31°F
1.5 -- 12°F 20°F 26°F
2.0 -- -- 11°F 16°F


Water Output in GPM Temperature Setting
1 2 3 4
1.0 15°F 30°F 45°F 60°F
1.5 10°F 20°F 30°F 41°F
2.0 -- 15°F 22°F 30°F
2.5 -- 10°F 15°F 20°F
3.0 -- 7°F 20°F 15°F

Refer to the table below to determine the minimum electrical circuit:

Marey Power Pak Plus 110v/220v POU Water HeaterMarey Power Pak Plus 110v/220v POU Water Heater

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PP220 alternate item number: PPXE5