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EcoSmart ECO 36 High-Capacity 36 kW Electric Tankless Water Heater

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EcoSmart ECO36

This 36 kilowatt tankless water heater is ideal for large, single family homes with multiple hot water applications

The ECO 36 is EcoSmart's the most powerful tankless water heater, with the capacity to provide hot water to large, single-family homes, even in areas with cold climates. It can supply hot water to two sinks and four showers simultaneously.


• Saves of up to 50% on heating costs
• Stylish design fits most modern decors
• Compact size saves valuable storage space
• Adjusts its energy usage based on hot water demand
• Digital temperature control with 1-degree increments for precise control
• Copper and stainless components are efficient, durable and easy to replace

• Downloadable installation and owner's manual

Output chart


Voltage 240
Phase Single
Wattage 36 kW
Elements 4 x 9 KW at 240 Volts
Amperage draw 150 Amps
Required breaker 4 x 40 Amp DP breakers
Required wire size 4 x 8 AWG
Electrical panel 300 Amps
HZ 50/60
Pipe fittings 3/4" NPT
Dimensions 17 x 19 x 3.75
Unboxed Product Weight 17.4 lbs.
Heat exchanger material Copper
Protection Thermal Auto
Temperature Control Digital
Activation flow rate 0.3 GPM
Minimum PSI 25
Maximum PSI 150
Energy efficiency 99.8 %
Certification ETL listed to UL 499 & CSA
Warranty Lifetime on exchangers, electronics, and elements.
(5 years outside of continental US and Canada)

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs")

Q1: In the table of specs above, it says that a 300 amp electrical panel is required. I was told 200 amps would be ok. Which is correct?
A1: The heater itself requires a maximum of 160 amps because it is wired to four 40 amp di-pole breakers. But your home has other electrical demands. Sum up the amperage of all the demands that will, by any chance, be simultaneously running). Add that to 160 amps. The total is how many amps the electrical panel needs to run the ECO 36.

Q2: What is the maximum output temperature?
A2: The maximum output temperature set at the factory is 140°F, 9KW per element. However, it is possible for it to be increased to 180°F. After removing the cover, at the very top of the jumper strip look for a jumper marked "180". After electric power is disconnected, place a jumper on these two pins. Once the power is restored, the unit will allow a setpoint of up to 180 degrees F. If the jumper is not there, then it can't be done with your version of the ECO 36.

Q3: How do I replace the heating elements on the ECO 36?
A3. Replacing the heating elements on the Ecosmart ECO36 tankless water heater is fairly simple. But since removing the water heater cover is necessary, and there is a risk of injury or death due to high voltage, Ecosmart recommends that a licensed electrician do the work. Here are the steps:

1. Disconnect power.
2. Remove the cover.
3. Unscrew the two steel screws on the end of the element plug and remove the two wires.
4. Unscrew the element from the heating chamber. The ECO36 uses four elements, each screwed into its own heating chamber.
5. Tightly, securely screw in each new element and replace wires and cover.

The ECO 36 uses four heating elements which are available for purchase here.