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Rinnai RU199eN Sensei+ Outdoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

by Rinnai
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$2,333.00 - $2,352.95
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Rinnai RUi Sensei+ logoMore hot water, faster with the Rinnai Sensei series

The Rinnai Sensei series features an enhanced combustion design, to provide a better experience for both users and installers. All key components are manufactured by Rinnai to ensure well-known Rinnai quality.

New condensing technology for colder climates

You get freeze protection down to -4°F for outdoor units or -22°F for indoor units. The Sensei series achieves this by using:
• a new integrated check valve that prevents backflow from outside cold air
• a new fiber mesh premix burner
• programming that temporarily activates the unit during extremely cold weather

Stainless Steel Primary Heat Exchanger

Early in the combustion process, all high efficiency condensing tankless water heaters produce condensate. Rinnai's new R-evolution Primary Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger resists corrosion for better performance in the long run.

Another leading innovation: Venting

The Sensei series offers the most flexible venting options of any tankless. It can use the old condensing vent system when installed as a replacement tankless. Or, new installations can use smaller, lighter, less expensive concentric venting. Approved materials: PP, PVC, CPVC.

The 2" adaptor ring and cap allow for use of 3"x 5" concentric venting or 2" twin pipe venting.
• 14 possible vent configurations
• 9 compatible vent manufacturers

For use with natural gas or propane

Quick and easy conversion to/from NG and LP in just three simple steps. Kit is optional.


• Isolation Valves Set
• Pressure Release Valve & adapter (can rotate 360 degrees to accommodate varied installations)
• Integrated controller



​Width: 18.5 inches, Height: 26.4 inches, Depth: 11.4 inches
(470 mm x 670 mm x 290 mm)

Weight ​​64 lbs / 29.0 kg
Installation Type Outdoor
Minimum/Maximum Gas Range in BTU

​15,000 to 199,000, Natural Gas and Propane

Energy Factor

​0.96 for Natural Gas and Propane

Uniform Energy Factor

0.93 for Natural Gas and Propane

Temperature Range

Residential: 98°F - 120°F
Commercial: 98°F - 140°F (with parameter adjustment)

Approved Gas Types Natural Gas, Liquid Propane
Flow Rate vs. Temperature Rise 70°F at 5.5 GPM. 50°F at 7.7 GPM
Minimum Activation Rate

0.4 GPM

Hot Water Flow Rate Range

​0.26 (after 0.4 GPM activation) to 9.8 GPM (1.0 to 37 L/min)

Controllers MC-195T-US (Pump Timer Control, included. Not compatible with WiFi RWM101)
MCC-91-2US (compatible with WiFi RWM101)
Ultra Low NOx ​Yes
Warranty (Residential) 15 years on heat exchanger
5 years on other parts and components
1 year on labor
Warranty (Commercial) 8 years on heat exchanger
5 years on other parts and components
1 year on labor
Mobile Home Certified ​Yes
Certifications ​AHRI, CSA, Energy Star, SCAQM District 14 ng/Jor 20ppm NOx emmision level
Safety features Flame Failure for the Flame Rod
Boiling Protection
Check for Combustion Fan RPM
Over-current Glass Fuse
Remaining Flame (OHS)
Frost Protection
Altitude operation Up to 10,200 feet (3109 m)

This Rinnai tankless water heater is Energy Star CertifiedThis Rinnai tankless water heater is CSA Low Lead and CSA Sanitation


Rinnai Sensei Series brochure
Installation & Operation Manual

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ")

Q1: What is the difference between the RU, RUR and RUC series?
A1: Rinnai's RU series heaters such as the RU80e and RU90e are simply the outdoor versions of the RUC units.
The RUR series heaters such as the RUR98i and the RUR98e have a built-in recirculation pump. The RUC series heaters such as the RUC98i and the RUC80i do not have the recirc pump.

All of these heaters are condensing.

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