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A-C DraftShield Double Hook with Cord Locks and Lanyards, 6-pack

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6-pack of Single-Hook or Double-Hook Lanyards and Cord-locks for the A/C DraftShields

Choose between the Single Hook or the Double Hook lanyards in the menu above. Both include the spring-loaded cord lock. They are just like those included when you order a DraftShield.

Single Hook or the Double Hook lanyards are required for fastening AC-DraftShield vent covers to the registers. The Double Hook style is designed to attach to grilles with a center cap. By attaching the hooks on both sides of the center louver piece, your AC-DraftShield can be fastened easily to the grille.

The item number for the Single Hook 6-Pack is SHL6.
The item number for the Double Hook 6-Pack is DHL6.

The double hook can fasten the A/C Draftshield to a variety of AC Grilles