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Acorn Deluxe Portable Sink

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$1,535.73 - $2,646.53
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  • Swivel casters for smooth transit, roll it where you need it!
  • Integrated attachment points for paper towel holder and trash can accessories
  • Integrated ball-valve for easy shutoff when draining waste tank (not available on pump models)
  • Hose models provide convenient hand-washing anywhere a hose can reach
  • Plug-In electric pump model delivers water from a tank under cabinet if hose is out of reach
  • Foot-pump models can go completely “off-grid”, manually pumping water to the faucet
  • Plug-in water-heater model includes mixing valve to extend the available amount of hot-water

Portable Hand-Wash Station

Acorn's Portable Hand-Wash Station is designed to assist with public safety in areas where permanent hand washing facilities and plumbing fixtures are not available. The portable, self-contained design instantly provides hand washing capability and is ideal for use in Emergency Triage Facilities, remote locations, and the entrance to public buildings and restaurants of all types. The models offered accommodate several water supply and wastewater configurations. Because of its durable stainless steel housing, certain units may also be configured for use in outdoor applications.

Water supply may be provided from either an existing plumbed, potable water source such as a Hose Valve connection, or by using the self-contained, refillable, NSF Certified 5-Gallon Water Storage Tank. When the water source is self-contained using the Storage Tank, flow to the faucet is created by either an On-demand Electric Water Pump or a Manually Operated Foot Pump.

Faucet with Gooseneck Spout selections include a Battery-Operated Hands-Free Sensor, Wrist Blade, or Lever Handle control. A Gooseneck Spout (only) is optionally available when the unit is specified with the Manually Operated Foot Pump. All faucets are single temperature supply, meet NSF and Lead-Free Standards and include a 0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM) Flow Control.

Electric Water Heater is optionally available to provide a Tempered Water supply and includes a Thermostatic Mixing Valve, which is ASSE 1069/1070 Certified for scald protection. The Mini Tank Water Heater is UL listed, meets Lead-Free Standards and conveniently plugs into a 110-120VAC, 15 Amp receptacle.

Wastewater removal from the Wash Station is based on the site conditions and is accomplished using a Removable 6-Gallon Wastewater Tank, or Waste Hose. Units are also available with an Integral Vacuum Pipe Accumulator for connection to an existing Vacuum Drainage system. For additional information on Vacuum System design, installation or pricing, contact AcornVac Factory at

Oval Lavatory Bowl is 14-1/2” x 9-1/2” x 6” deep, and fabricated from heavy gage type 304 stainless steel, which is polished to a #4 satin finish. A removable grid strainer drain is provided.

Portable Hand-Wash Cabinet is fabricated of type 304 stainless steel with exposed surfaces polished to a #4 satin finish. A hinged door with Magnetic Door Latch allows access to plumbing and storage components. The cabinet assembly is provided with handles and 3” diameter Swivel Casters for easy mobility and include Brake Levers to keep unit stationary during use.

Optional Accessories increase the overall utility of the Portable Hand-Wash Station and include Side Mounted Paper Towel Holder, Trash Receptacle, Deck Mounted Soap Dispenser Holder, and a Wrap Around Stainless Steel Splash Guard.

Portable Wash-Ware® PS1000 Series: Portable Hand-Wash Station


  • PS1010 Foot Pump Operated with 5-Gallon (19 Liter) Fresh Water and 6-Gallon (22.7 Liter) Waste Water Tank
  • PS1015 Hose Supply & Hose Waste
  • PS1030 On-Demand, Plug-In 110VAC Pump with 5-Gallon (19 Liter) Fresh Water and 6-Gallon (22.7 Liter) Waste Water Tank
  • PS1040 Hose Supply with Heater and 6-Gallon(22.7 Liter) Waste Water Tank
  • PS1050 Hose Supply with Vacuum Pipe Accumulator
  • PS1051 Hose Supply with Vacuum Pipe Accumulatorwith Heater

Faucet Selection

  • PS1000-F11 Gooseneck Only For Use With PS1010Foot Pump Model. Provided With 0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM) Flow Control
  • PS1000-F21 Gooseneck, Single Temp. Wrist BladeProvided With 0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM) Flow Control
  • PS1000-F31 Gooseneck, Single Temp. Sensor Operation, Battery Provided With 0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM) Flow Control
  • PS1000-F40 Gooseneck, Single Temp. Single HandleProvided With 0.5 GPM (1.9 LPM) FlowControl


  • PS1000-PH3 3-Bay C-Fold Paper Holder
  • PS1000-TR 6-Gallon Trash Receptacle
  • PS1000-SH Soap Holder (Deck Mounted)
  • PS1000-SG Wrap Around Splash Guard
  • PS1000-6G 6-Gallon (22.7 Liter) Tank (PS1020 Only)