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Condensate Drain Tube-Hose Kit, 18"-24"-36"

by Z-Flex
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$24.32 - $56.24
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This Condensate Drain Tube/Hose Kit comes in various lengths: 18", 24", 36" and 60". It connects to steel condensation drain pipe to drain corrosive fluid from the venting pipe.

Condensation drainage hose should reach all the way to the floor drain, as the liquid is corrosive. The intention of the shorter length is so that the installer provide their own exact, additional length according to the particular installation environment. Therefore, this tube should be fed into a drain or bucket through some form of piping. Or, an additional condensation drain hose piece can simply slide onto the end of this hose.

Check local building code and ordinances for requirement to neutralize the condensate waste liquid before it enters your drain pipe. Click the Related Gadgets tab above for a selection of condensate neutralizer cartridges.

Fill this tube with water to create a vapor trap to prevent gases from coming out.

Tube material is rated to 480 degrees F.

Inside diameter is 1/2 inch (0.5"). Outside diameter is 5/8 inch (0.63").

Drain damage due to condensate from a tankless water heater
Drain damage due to condensate from a tankless water heater. Even if the drain pipe and grate is plastic and is impervious to corrosion, local building code may require use of a neutralizer.